E2open Corporate Overview

The business model for product innovation, manufacturing, and fulfillment has changed dramatically. With this change, brand owners now have partners distributed around the world using different means and systems for information management. Traditional, linear supply chain management processes and technologies—with an emphasis on visibility and information sharing within the virtual four walls of the enterprise—are coming up short, prompting the cry of, "How can I manage what I can't see?"

Delivering a Different Solution to a Different Problem
E2open offers the industry's first and only strategic solution for managing business across today's complex trading networks. E2open is breaking through the technology barriers, delivering cloud-based, collaborative planning and execution solutions that connect partners, streamline processes, and enable rapid decision support. Now brand owners can see and manage assets in motion to answer the questions, “Where is my supply?” “Where will it be tomorrow?” “How will I identify—and respond to— exceptions?”

The Difference is Collaborative Planning & Execution
Collaborative planning and execution is a leading-edge competency that enables brand owners and manufacturers to leverage the collective brainpower of their trading partner communities to efficiently manage end-to-end supply chain processes and to respond intelligently to continuous change in supply, demand, products, and partners. Collaborative planning and execution is what traditional supply chain management can never be—and it lives in the E2open Business Network.

Collaborative Planning & Execution Lives in the E2open Business Network
With more than a decade of experience transforming some of the most profitable supply chains in the world, the E2open Business Network brings together the technology, content, and professional services needed to more effectively and profitably manage business across your trading partner network. By providing all members of the extended trading network with panoramic visibility, event recognition, and analytical support, E2open customers are able to work collaboratively with their partners to recognize, assess, and manage change. The E2open Business Network is powered by a state-of-the-art cloud platform to enable seamless information sharing, process management, and collaborative exception management across multiple enterprises in today’s global trading networks.

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