Welcome to the E2open Business Network: Bringing Collaborative Planning & Execution to the Global Trading Network

Market trends towards globalization and outsourcing have changed the game. Traditional, linear supply chain management—with an emphasis on visibility and information sharing within the virtual four walls of the enterprise—is coming up short. The marketplace is clamoring for a new type of solution for today’s multi-enterprise, multi-tier trading networks. 

E2open offers the industry’s first and only strategic solution for managing business across today’s complex trading networks, enabling brand owners to answer their most pressing supply chain questions: Where is my supply? Where will it be tomorrow? How will I identify—and respond to—disruptions?

The Difference Is Collaborative Planning & Execution 

E2open is the leader in Collaborative Planning & Execution, delivering strategic, cloud-based solutions that connect partners, streamline processes, and enable rapid decision support for brand owners managing business across global trading networks.

The E2open Business Network

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