Sophisticated Reporting and Analytics for Intelligent 
Supply Chain Decision-Making

E2 Analytics provide reporting capabilities that deliver customers aggregated information at the data object level. The solution offers standard and configurable reporting, as well as external data warehousing integration. E2 Analytics leverage data from E2open’s business process and connectivity solutions, all of which are supported by E2open’s Multi-Enterprise Foundation.

E2 Analytics offers the following product options:

Multi-Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform

Multi-Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform enables customers to access out-of-the-box, best-practice reports on KPIs for multi-enterprise business processes, ensuring continuous performance monitoring and improvement.

Multi-Enterprise Business Intelligence Workbench

Multi-Enterprise Business Intelligence Workbench offers customers a reporting studio to create and distribute custom reports on customer-specific business metrics from underlying multi-enterprise business processes.

Data Warehouse Information Delivery

Data Warehouse Information Delivery enables customers to take their multi-enterprise business process data from E2open systems and integrate it with their internal data warehouse systems. Customers managing internal data warehouse capabilities can utilize Data Warehouse Information Delivery to further extend data visibility and cleanliness of internal systems. Customers that have invested in internal business intelligence solutions benefit significantly from a direct connection to E2open for their multi-enterprise business intelligence needs.