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Friday 10 April 2015 | European Oil and Gas

Shell has started to deploy E2open’s E2 Process Management to create visibility on their procured engineering materials along the supply chain, including logistics. The global Track and Trace initiative is designed to provide visibility on the flow of materials through procurement, transportation, and disposal, which enables alignment of the right engineering materials, at the right place, at the right time for production sites (i.e., assets).

Wednesday 18 March 2015 | Wired

It’s a fact that supply chains have become increasingly complex and globally distributed. At the same time, businesses are under pressure more than ever to keep up with growing demand. With expectations like these, there’s little to no margin for error. Let’s take a look at a few of the key ingredients that are required to set the table for successful supply chain management.

Tuesday 17 March 2015 | Industrial Distribution

When it comes to service, distributors are constantly challenged to improve their strategic position and offer their customer base a wide range of valuable opportunities. It's clear that VMI is increasingly becoming a basic business standard, and yet not all programs are created equal.

Sunday 15 March 2015 | Supply Chain Digital

The globalisation of consumer product supply chains has bloated inventory levels, reduced margins, and depleted much-needed working capital required for new product development. To ensure that supply and demand are in better alignment, here are four supply chain challenges that today’s leading consumer goods companies must address.

Tuesday 24 February 2015 | Inbound Logistics

In today's global economy, risk is unavoidable. But it also provides opportunity, as a company's ability to adapt in difficult circumstances is a true source of competitive advantage and precisely defines a winning approach to risk responsiveness. Is your business prepared to mitigate the effects of operational risks, such as Mother Nature throwing a curveball your way, or a sudden demand spike? Managing supply chain risk means recognizing that things won't always go according to plan, and having the right infrastructure in place to succeed even through the unexpected.

Monday 2 February 2015 | Supply Chain Standard

An effective S&OP process can have huge benefits for a business. But putting the process in place means involving senior management right across the business and facing up to some harsh realities.

Thursday 22 January 2015 | Chain Store Age

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, consumer goods companies are reaching across the globe to seek new customers in new markets. In order to cater to these new customer segments, brand owners are now providing a dizzying array of local product variations through a complex network of outsourced manufacturing partners. To ensure that supply and demand are in better alignment, there are four supply chain challenges that today’s leading consumer goods companies must address, which are as follows:

Friday 16 January 2015 | Supply Management

The cosmetics and beauty market has witnessed dramatic changes over the past two decades, which mirror the various economic, social, and cultural shifts taking place around the world. In this highly competitive marketplace, brand owners are in the constant pursuit of the right strategies to broaden their consumer bases.

Thursday 15 January 2015 | Cloud Computing Intelligence

As global brands look more and more to the performance of their supply chains as a source of competitive advantage, supply chain “centres of excellence” (COE) have been gaining attention as initiatives that can inject innovation into an organization’s culture. More executives are recognising that to create a long-term strategic view to achieving supply chain excellence, their organisations must look beyond day-to-day issues and outside of their four walls to engage cross-functional key stakeholders who know how the business works and where the real opportunities are hidden.

Tuesday 13 January 2015 | Supply & Demand Chain Executive

At E2open, we’re constantly thinking about business trends that may affect how global supply chains are managed. With the growing importance of connecting disparate supply chains, and the move toward collaboration and mutual success criteria, the approaches used in the past don’t support how tomorrow’s supply chains may operate. These days, it truly takes an integrated approach of planning, process and a business network to separate the good from the great. With that in mind, here are some thoughts regarding the global supply chain trends you may want to keep an eye on in 2015.

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