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Contract Compliance Module Brief

Contract Compliance provides invoice accountability to ensure that partners are accurately invoicing against complex formulaic contracts that are difficult to reconcile manually. It allows teams to model contracts and calculate the exact contract charge. Additionally, this solution can be used to perform “what-if” pricing modeling for new product introduction (NPI) planning.

Design For Manufacturing Module Brief

Design For Manufacturing manages master data and transmits Brand Owner instructions to outsourced supply chain partners which eliminates the time and inaccuracy of manual transmission. Intuitively managing complex relationships that are prevalent in the semiconductor industry provides an efficient and unique way to automate what would typically be represented in a BOM (bill of materials). 

Manufacturing Visibility Module Brief

Manufacturing Visibility provides granular visibility across globally outsourced supply chains. Exception based monitoring and workflow management effectively manage companies’ supply chains across multiple vendors with full WIP (Work in Process) visibility and reporting on key metrics. 

E2open & SERUS: End-To-End Visibility Across The Technology-Driven Manufacturing Supply Chain

E2open and SERUS have joined forces to further extend supply chain visibility into technology-driven manufacturing supply chains. By combining SERUS’ robust technology with the E2open Business Network, the company extends its leadership in the high tech supply chain with the addition of design for manufacturing, contracts and compliance, as well as early stage visibility in the semiconductor and technology-driven discrete manufacturing industries.

The Replenishment Workbench Module Brief

The Replenishment Workbench ensures enterprises have the right products, in the right places, at the right times. A well-executed replenishment plan needs to be demand-driven to account for service levels, fluctuations in demand, and changes in product mix per location.

Order Promising Workbench Module Brief

Order Promising is part of the E2 Planning & Response suite, which is designed to enable enterprises to plan, create, evaluate, and execute scenarios in real time. It includes both operational and financial data in their decision-making process to determine the best plan for the planner to review and execute interactively. Order Promising is designed to minimize error-prone and manually intensive workarounds and the all too common firefighting response mode to increase customer satisfaction.

Clear to Build Module Brief

Confidently follow through on shipping and production commitments with Clear to Build. Clear to Build is a proven solution that checks availability of all components across multiple levels, ensuring orders are released into production only when all required materials are covered by qualified supply. It synchronizes inbound materials flow to increase fulfillment velocity while reducing inventory and cost.

Network Constrained Planning Module Brief

Network Constrained Planning produces a feasible plan quickly, allowing planners to easily identify bottlenecks in their ability to deliver their products on time. Even if it’s not possible to resolve an identified bottleneck, NCP ensures the most important demands will still be met because the business rules are incorporated into planning using the powerful Priority Manager.

Network Requirements Planning Module Brief

Network Requirements Planning translates a consensus demand plan, or multiple simulation versions, into material and capacity requirements on all levels of the supply chain. The demand signal is being net against inventories, in-transits, and work-in-process. This allows for complete visibility of the demand-supply match in your extended network for excess, shortage, and risk analysis.

E2open Business Network: The First Integrated Platform for Collaborative Planning & Execution

On July 30, 2013 E2open acquired icon-scm, a market leader in supply chain planning and collaboration. Together we offer the first integrated platform for Collaborative Planning & Execution, enabling brand owners and their trading partners to work together to improve supply chain performance by continuously solving problems with better information. The E2open Business Network features fully integrated business process management solutions—including multi-tier planning, response management, and analytics. Learn more about the value of integrated planning and execution for superior supply chain performance.

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