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Ring Fence Strategy, or How to Not Go Extinct

In this new Chalk Talk video, E2open gives a brief overview of how companies are using "best of breed" cloud-based technologies to extend the reach and value of their ERP systems. 

S&OP: Making It Real

In this brief Point of View video, E2open's Rich Beck's explains how E2open's real-time Business Network does the heavy lifting of sales & operations execution, the backend of S&OP.

Fashion Equals Change: Collaborative Planning & Execution for the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

In this new Chalk Talk video, Professor Andrew shares E2open's perspective on how cosmetics and beauty companies can transform the challenge of volatile demand into a game-changing opportunity.

New Product Introduction: Launch Products Faster and More Profitably

How do you make sure that your amazing new product gets to market faster to maximize the product life it deserves? In this new NPI Solution Overview video, find out how companies can bring new products to market faster with E2open's Design for Manufacturing and Manufacturing Visibility tools.

NPI: Hit the Peak Profitability Window in Your Next Product Launch

In this latest "Chalk Talk" video, Professor Andrew returns with a look at New Product Introduction (NPI) and the manufacturing collaboration and visibility it takes to get a product to market faster and more profitably.

Achieving Real-Time Visibility in an Outsourced Supply Chain - The AMD Story

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by SCDigest to learn how AMD integrated its extended supply chain on a common platform to provide the visibility and integration it required in moving to an outsourced model, enabling it to align operations and financial processes to reduce costs and increase responsiveness.

Featuring Katrin Schulenburg, Senior Director IT at AMD, Geoffrey Annesley, General Manager, Semiconductor at E2open, and Dan Gilmore, Editor of Supply Chain Digest.

Addressing the Continuity of Supply Challenge

Learn how to how to address the continuity of supply challenge by implementing the Three Must-Haves for today’s supply networks: Visibility, Intelligent Response, and Network-wide Collaboration

Continuity of Supply: More than Meets the Eye of Sauron

Professor Andrew is back with a look at Continuity of Supply (aka, how to make sure your business doesn't go up in smoke!). Learn more about the three must-haves every supply network needs to remain resilient in the face of unplanned events—including unexpected increases in demand (and smoke).

Network Supply Planning and the 80/20 Rule

Do you need same day information to make effective decisions? Are you getting it? Professor Andrew connects the supplier dots and shows you how to get lower inventory levels, faster problem resolution, better and faster upside response. In short, if you integrate planning and execution, you’ll do both better.

The Top 4 Actions You Can Take to Accelerate S&OP Effectiveness

Learn the four actions you can take to get off the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) plateau and accelerate your move up and to the right for timely, measurable process improvement.

Featuring from E2open: Steve Lykken, VP of Customer Solutions and Sean Rollings, VP, Product Marketing

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