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Continuity of Supply: More than Meets the Eye of Sauron

Professor Andrew is back with a look at Continuity of Supply (aka, how to make sure your business doesn't go up in smoke!). Learn more about the three must-haves every supply network needs to remain resilient in the face of unplanned events—including unexpected increases in demand (and smoke).

Network Supply Planning and the 80/20 Rule

Do you need same day information to make effective decisions? Are you getting it? Professor Andrew connects the supplier dots and shows you how to get lower inventory levels, faster problem resolution, better and faster upside response. In short, if you integrate planning and execution, you’ll do both better.

The Top 4 Actions You Can Take to Accelerate S&OP Effectiveness

Learn the four actions you can take to get off the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) plateau and accelerate your move up and to the right for timely, measurable process improvement.

Featuring from E2open: Steve Lykken, VP of Customer Solutions and Sean Rollings, VP, Product Marketing

Learn more about E2open's S&OP Solutions

Juggling Chainsaws: How to have both agile AND efficient Order Promising

E2open’s Professor Andrew returns with a discussion of the 4 capabilities you need to be more responsive to your customers and more efficient. 

How KPMG works with E2open to help its clients become more demand-driven

Rob Barrett, Managing Director of Supply Chain and Operations for KPMG, LLP, discusses how E2open’s multi-tier business network helps connect KPMG clients to their customers, their suppliers, and their suppliers’ suppliers.

The key to Seagate’s successful supply chain center of excellence

Joe DiIorio, Director of Supply Chain for Seagate Technology’s Transformational Management Office, discusses the key factors in the success of Seagate’s supply chain transformation.

The role of COE in the transformation process at The Coca-Cola Company

 Chris Lauchner, Global Director, Supply Chain from The Coca-Cola Company discusses how the implementation of a COE helped drive innovation in their supply chain planning and execution.

Orange chooses E2open to increase its global supply chain visibility and enhance supplier collaboration

Patrice Cointe, Head of Supply Chain Group at Orange shares why they selected E2open as their solution.

Understanding Supply Chain Centers of Excellence – Part 2

In this video, Joe DiIorio provides a case study on Seagate’s successful effort to build a COE to drive its supply chain transformation. 

Featuring Joe DiIorio, Director, Supply Chain at Seagate Technology, Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open and Supply Chain Digest Chief Editor, Dan Gilmore

Understanding Supply Chain Centers of Excellence – Part 1

In part 1 of this two part series, Rich Becks discusses with SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore the basics of supply chain centers of excellence, including what they are, how they are organized, what the benefits are, and how to make them successful.

Featuring Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open and Supply Chain Digest Chief Editor, Dan Gilmore

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