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E2open Collaborative Planning & Execution

An introduction to Collaborative Planning & Execution -  how enterprises procure, manufacture, sell, and distribute products more efficiently via more profitable decision making. Leading enterprises use E2open solutions to gain visibility into and control over their trading networks through real-time information, integrated business processes, and advanced analytics.

Real world lessons in S&OP: How Avnet and Radisys are realizing benefits from S&OP

Learn how innovators such as Avnet and Radisys are able to respond to ever-changing customer demands quickly while keeping previous commitments; manage constraints to increase fulfillment; and raise overall profitability. Hear how creating confidence in your customer ultimately creates the foundation for a sustainable and profitable partnership for both you and your customers.

Cloud + Customer Focus = HP’s Supply Chain for the Future

HP's Plans for Global Supply Chain VisibilityAn In-Depth Discussion of HP's View of Their Future Supply Chain, and the Strategies and Technologies Needed to Support a Profitable and Customer-Centric Approach for Supply Chain Planning and Customer Fulfillment

Featuring Pervinder Johar, VP of Global Supply Chain Systems at Hewlett-Packard Company, Michael Schmitt, Chief Marketing Officer at E2open, Inc. and Supply Chain Digest Chief Editor, Dan Gilmore

How L’Oréal manages the complexities via collaboration with their supplier network

Morris Lenczicki, VP of Industrial Systems Applications L’Oréal, USA shares how L’Oréal manages the complexities of seasonality, promotions and new product introductions via collaboration with their supplier network.

What is the supplier call-off process at L’Oréal and why is this important?

Arthur Fernandes, AVP Information Technology of Industrial Systems Applications L’Oréal, USA speaks on what is the supplier call-off process at L’Oréal.

Why planning is critical to Avnet’s success

Chuck Fries, VP, Material Operations with Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas shares their customer's expectations for Avnet's supply chain and how planning is critical to their success.

The value of real-time supply chain network visibility at Dell

John Biegel, Executive Director, IT with Dell, Inc. shares the value of real-time supply chain network visibility.

Why OnCore Manufacturing selected E2open as their solution

Chris Durham, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management at OnCore Manufacturing Services, LLC shares why they chose E2open as their solution.

How does E2open help Audience scale its supply chain operations?

Andy Macallef, VP of Customer Engineering and Operations at Audience, Inc. shares how E2open helps Audience scale their supply chain operations.

What Does Commit with Confidence Mean to Radisys

Lisa Aleman, Director of Sales and Operations Planning Control at Radisys Corporation, shares how you can commit with confidence and win the business by quickly answering the questions.

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