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Understanding Supply Chain Centers of Excellence – Part 2

In this video, Joe DiIorio provides a case study on Seagate’s successful effort to build a COE to drive its supply chain transformation. 

Featuring Joe DiIorio, Director, Supply Chain at Seagate Technology, Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open and Supply Chain Digest Chief Editor, Dan Gilmore

Understanding Supply Chain Centers of Excellence – Part 1

In part 1 of this two part series, Rich Becks discusses with SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore the basics of supply chain centers of excellence, including what they are, how they are organized, what the benefits are, and how to make them successful.

Featuring Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open and Supply Chain Digest Chief Editor, Dan Gilmore

Shortening NPI Cycle Time Through Better Collaboration With Outsourced Suppliers

Watch this in-depth customer webinar to find out how our Manufacturing Collaboration solution helped NVIDIA achieve the following benefits: - Reduce NPI Cycle Time - Improve Product Engineering Productivity - Eliminate Manufacturing Errors - Increase Change Request Speed

How to be Most Excellent: Supply Chain Transformation with COE

Professor Andrew is back with some thoughts about Supply Chain Centers of Excellence: what are they, and how to do it right. Find out more about the six best practices that will help supply chain leaders inject innovation into their organization.

Integrated Materials Management – Moments of Truth within the Capital Project Supply Network

This webinar discussed critical systemic causes and highlight new and proven methods needed to gain greater visibility, predictability and control.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increased understanding of why materials and resource coordination across large capital project networks has become so challenging
  • How cloud-based information technologies can enable end-to-end visibility and control and why enterprise systems are so hard to extend to partners
  • Highlight representative industry use case(s) and solution frameworks
  • Introduce the new Fiatech Integrated Materials Management (IMM) project to establish viability and drive industry adoption
E2open E2 Cloud Connectivity Product Tour

Remember 1981? Everyone played Pacman, banking meant sneaking out at lunch and waiting in line for a teller, and EDI VAN services were introduced. If your B2B connectivity is stuck in the ‘80s, take a look at what E2 Cloud Connectivity can do for your supply chain with this brief product tour.

Beyond B2B: Rise of the Business Network

Welcome to Chalk Talk with Professor Andrew.  To enable true Collaborative Planning & Execution across a complex, multi-tier supply chain, brand owners need to go beyond point-to-point transactional B2B connectivity. In this video, our own Andrew Atkinson discusses the five must-haves for creating the foundational connectivity layer of a business network for the modern supply chain. 

E2open Order Promising Solution Tour

In your supply chain, demand volatility is one of the biggest factors impacting your ability to successfully fulfill customer orders. As an order manager, how do you mitigate the effects of something so unpredictable? Find out more at

Cloud Connectivity: Transform your Supply Chain

Cloud connectivity is the next generation of B2B integration and can transform how you run your supply chain. Take your connectivity to the next level, and let it empower your People, your Technology, and your Business Processes!

E2open Collaborative Planning & Execution

An introduction to Collaborative Planning & Execution -  how enterprises procure, manufacture, sell, and distribute products more efficiently via more profitable decision making. Leading enterprises use E2open solutions to gain visibility into and control over their trading networks through real-time information, integrated business processes, and advanced analytics.

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