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Gartner Report: Evolving Concepts in Supply Chain Visibility

This update to Gartner's existing supply chain visibility research recommends that companies extend their visibility capabilities upstream and downstream to allow business partners to connect and exchange data through an information hub solution, and then leverage those insights within supply chain processes to drive value and mitigate risk.

Supply Chain Success Factors in Emerging Markets

This Accenture Global Operations Megatrends Study is based on a survey of more than 1,000 senior executives from large global companies to get their views on the importance of expanding in emerging markets to drive growth, the results of their efforts to date, and the supply chain practices that were most effective in those efforts. Download the study to find out more about the four practices that leading companies are adopting to maximize their emerging market success. 


Bob Ferrari
The Case for Tightly Integrating New Product Introduction and Supply Chain Management

Find out why the B2B business network has become the new opportunity for fostering stronger business process relationships with suppliers, as well as integrating new product management and introduction (NPI) with product design, collaborative manufacturing design, change management, and supply chain fulfillment.

Supply Management Essentials: Reduce Costs and Drive Value Through Foundational Supplier Relationship Management

As manufacturing companies seek more savings and value, CPOs and supply management leaders are realizing that strong, trust-based supplier relationships are essential to supply chain success. This Gartner research focuses on establishing foundational supplier relationship management best practices.

Profitable Demand Fulfillment: Six Winning Approaches in the Consumer Goods Industry

In this eBook, learn about the six key multi-enterprise business processes that leading consumer goods companies and their global supply chain partners use to address their challenges and improve efficiencies, supply chain visibility, fill rates, supply responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and more.

Panoramic Visibility for On-Time Materials Management: An Oil and Gas White Paper

Oil and gas companies are thought to have some of the most complex supply chains in the world, consisting of joint venture partners, multi-level fabrication and construction steps, and highly engineered bills of materials (BOMs) that continue to evolve as the projects develop. The diverse and often dangerous geographies inherent to the industry’s operations also qualify oil and gas supply chains as among the most vulnerable to large-scale risk.

This white paper focuses on the ways in which increased supply chain complexity and risk exposure are contributing to delays in “first oil/gas” production of major capital infrastructure projects and how these challenges can be addressed.

Collaborative Planning and Execution for the Cosmetics and Beauty Industry

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, cosmetics and beauty brands are in constant pursuit of determining the right strategies to broaden their consumer base. As a result, omni-channel retailing and new product segmentation have been embraced by leading cosmetics and beauty companies as two of the dominant ways to penetrate new markets. However, these strategies are also largely responsible for the increase in demand volatility that many supply chain practitioners are experiencing and struggling to manage. In this industry point of view, get E2open’s perspective on how cosmetics and beauty companies can transform the challenge of volatile demand into a game-changing opportunity. 

Supply Chain Centers of Excellence: The Quest for Next Practices

Supply chain transformations require change management across people, process, and technology. This white paper looks at common challenges that E2open customers and other global brands have faced in launching and sustaining center of excellence initiatives, the foundational role of technology in enabling collaboration and cross-functional alignment, and the best practices that E2open has developed with its customers to drive supply chain COE success.

SCM World
Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2014

Based on a survey of 1,068 senior supply chain professionals, the Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2014 highlights the strategies that supply chain executives are moving toward in 2014 and beyond, and uncovers how companies are positioning their supply chain organizations to deliver innovation and business value through deeper collaborative relationships and more agile interdependent networks.

Additional resources

For more information on key topics covered in the Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2014, such as supplier collaboration, new product introduction, agile S&OP, and profitable order promising, in the context of interdependent business networks, start here:

SCM World
Design for Profitability– Integrating Supply Chain and Product Development

Early involvement of supply chain in product development has long been known to improve key metrics of innovation success, including cost, speed and the ultimate profitability of newly introduced products. This SCM World report, based on a survey of chief supply chain officers, shows that most supply chain organizations believe new product development and launch is now an essential capability.

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