I’m Focused on Customer Fulfillment. How Can E2open Help Me?

Are these some of the issues you’re tackling today?

  • Inability to match customer demand to supply to make timely commitments
  • Inconsistent responsiveness to customer requests, slow to confirm forecasts, sales orders, and customer change requests
  • Lack of inventory availability across all locations makes it difficult to promise commitments to customers

Poorly Executed Order Fulfillment Means Unsatisfied Customers

Consistent, profitable demand fulfillment is more difficult than ever—with increasing customer expectations, declining customer loyalty, and an overall increase in demand volatility all bringing new challenges to the table. To make matters even more complex, today’s supply chains involve hundreds—even thousands—of external partners across the globe. Being able to fulfill customer demand reliably means coordinating the efforts of all these different parties.

Traditional forecasting methods based on historical numbers are still relevant, but fall far short of current requirements when orchestrating global supply chains. Siloed operations, manual processes, and data latency are all huge roadblocks to achieving profitable demand fulfillment. Yet most companies are still struggling to eliminate them. Let E2open show you how.

Get the Right Products to the Right Customers—Every Time

Effective customer fulfillment is about more than just an accurate forecast. To get the right products to the right customers at the right times—and do so consistently—requires automated, collaborative process orchestration all the way from Tier-1 suppliers to end consumers.

E2open offers collaborative order management products for both the supply and demand side of your operations, giving you the end-to-end visibility and control you need to fulfill customer demand consistently. E2open’s collaborative framework connects all partners across a shared, cloud-based platform—enabling you to monitor all orders through the entire life cycle, thereby minimizing the potential for errors or unmet customer expectations. And because demand is constantly fluctuating, E2open equips you with the real-time capabilities your company needs to update forecasts or reroute inventories to prevent stockouts or missed revenue opportunities.

E2open Network Response Planning capabilities allow you to create more optimal fulfillment plans by managing customer demands and supply constraints together in one platform. You can prioritize customer shipments and create sophisticated fulfillment rules such as always satisfying a Tier-1 strategic customer first. You can nest multiple rules such as strategic customers plus specific regions or planned promotions. This way, constrained supply is allocated automatically to individual customer orders that meet your rules based on customer segmentation, region, promotion, or new product introduction. This end-to-end planning and orchestration capability is unique to E2open in the marketplace.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Connect customer demand to supply to improve perfect order fill rates
  • Manage material shortages and stockouts to minimize impact on profitability and customer service levels
  • Reduce operational errors and information flow latency
  • Significantly improve customer service and overall profitability

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