I’m Focused on Demand Planning and Forecasting. How Can E2open Help Me?

Are these some of the issues you’re tackling today?

  • Lack of channel visibility and sell-through data forces me to guess what the market wants
  • Too many forecast opinions and not enough facts make it hard to keep track of all of the assumptions we make
  • Market promotions, sales spiffs, and manufacturing overruns confuse the demand picture

History Doesn’t Always Repeat Itself

Traditionally, the demand forecasting process relies heavily on historical order analysis, with the assumption that historical patterns repeat in the future. This approach—while understandable—tends to be driven by necessity, as customers and suppliers rarely have access to market information that could better inform their forecasts. Consequently, each trading partner operates on different information available to them—causing them to develop different views of the forecast.

The net results? Excess inventory and stockout risks for both suppliers and customers; suppliers unprepared for real upsides or downsides in demand; and suppliers at great risk for creating customer dissatisfaction by failing to meet supply expectations.

Implement a Fact-Based Approach to Improving Forecast Quality

E2open makes it easy to increase the accuracy of your demand forecasts by enabling automated data sharing and collaboration across partners, and improving the quality of information used to create the forecast. By connecting you and your partners across a single, cloud-based platform, E2open taps into the wisdom of teams, internally and externally, and drives collaboration into the fabric of the demand planning process. Not only does this make it easier for your enterprise to oversee and manage all forecasting activities, it also allows partners to exchange data in real time to create consensus forecasts. By developing a single forecast based on accurate, collaborative information, you and your partners are able to ensure that expectations are aligned across both forecast demand and committed supply.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Develop consensus forecasts easily
  • Improve accuracy and operational efficiency
  • Improve supply-demand alignment

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