I Need Better Logistics Visibility. How Can E2open Help Me?

Are these some of the issues you’re tackling today?

  • Lack of visibility into material movement causes me to ignore it as available supply coverage. This means I drive more inventory into the system than I need.
  • Inability to track shipments in real time forces me to rely on 3PL ETAs that aren’t always accurate
  • Lack of automated exception management forces me to hunt for problems—or wait until it’s too late to do anything about them

Where Is My Shipment?

The current trend towards outsourcing means that more logistics partners are required to transport materials and finished goods across the globe. Nevertheless, most companies today still lack needed connectivity to all of their logistics partners—meaning they do not have visibility to inventory movements or the capacity to communicate changes to in-transit carriers.

Without the ability to collaborate and exchange information, companies have no way to address unexpected supply chain disruptions or shifts in demand proactively (for example, to reroute an in-transit shipment to a retailer experiencing higher demand than forecasted). Your enterprise is also unable to measure supplier performance, including indicators such as on-time delivery, transit lead time, and more.

The net results? Unpredictable lead times, poor delivery performance, missed revenue opportunities, and unwanted inventory buffers at numerous control points across the logistics network.

Enable Real-Time Shipment Tracking for Better Customer Fulfillment

E2open’s suite of logistics products makes it easy to track shipment statuses and material movements in real time—all the way from supplier factories to end destinations. E2open provides any-to-any B2B connectivity with your logistics providers, allowing you to harmonize data from various carriers and to monitor partner performance proactively. E2open logistics-based products also track ETAs for every shipment, calculate the impact of potential shipment delays at each location, and provide the information and technology you need to execute timely decisions to improve performance. Freight consolidation, improved freight contract rates, and more intelligent carrier selection also can be counted among the benefits of E2open’s logistics functionalities.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Gain real-time visibility into logistics nodes and in-transit inventories
  • Resolve logistics issues proactively for improved supply assurance
  • Monitor logistics partner performance
  • Use goods-in-transit as part of your projected available supply and reduce overall inventory levels

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