I’m Focused on Supplier Collaboration. How Can E2open Help Me?

Are these some of the issues you’re tackling today?

  • High inventory liability
  • Inability to align supply with demand in real time
  • Inability to identify alternate supply sources quickly in constraint situations

Siloed Operations Mean Poor Execution

To deliver finished products to market, most enterprises rely on the skills and resources of tens to hundreds of different suppliers. However, without the ability to collaborate with one another, suppliers remain isolated from one another—effectively “blind” to the operations occurring at other sites. Because suppliers do not have a real-time view into shortages or disruptions, they too are unable to make adjustments in supply constraint situations.

Additionally, the inability to send and receive timely supplier commit data makes it nearly impossible to develop accurate planning forecasts. What limited communications do occur are generally done via manual methods such as fax, email, and telephone—all of which are slow, resource-intensive, and error-prone.

Connecting Supply to Demand Starts with Connecting Suppliers

Effective communication across suppliers is crucial to optimizing the efficiency, accuracy, and profitability of your supply chain. For today’s supply chains, that means automating inventory status across stocking locations and goods-in-transit. E2open provides your enterprise with the software and services necessary to develop and manage a fully automated, best-in-class, B2B-driven supplier collaboration program. By leveraging E2open’s cloud-based platform and integration infrastructure, your company is able to connect to suppliers across the globe. Once integrated, you and your suppliers have complete visibility across sites and regions and can pinpoint transactions, and activities needed to ensure supply continuity.

What does “real time” actually mean? To some providers, it is merely a portal where demand is posted and supply commitments are made. This approach is insufficient to tap into the deep knowledge your suppliers are capable of sharing. A portal is like a bulletin board; you can’t tell how current the information is and you certainly can’t collaborate with it. What is needed is a real-time, bi-directional platform with robust role authentication to reveal the data within the network that each partner should be able to see. It goes beyond seeing and actually allows your partners the ability to interact with this “source data.” Other providers merely take “data dumps,” which are in fact abstractions of what is really happening within the network, and leave you to figure out what changed since the last dump.  

If a problem arises at a supplier location, the supplier is able to communicate possible resolutions, quickly allowing you time to resolve the issue. A portal asks binary questions such as, “Can you deliver 1,000?” If the supplier can’t meet that request, you are forced to ask 50 more questions to find out what the supplier can do, all while the supply chain continues to change. If a retailer is experiencing more demand than anticipated, with E2open your enterprise is able to communicate with other customers of the same product and the logistics providers managing goods-in-transit to reroute additional inventory and avoid stockouts.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Provide all your suppliers with a “single version of the truth”
  • Develop more accurate planning forecasts
  • Respond more quickly to potential inventory shortages, shipment delays, and more


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