I’m Focused on Inventory Management. How Can E2open Help Me?

Are these some of the issues you’re tackling today?

  • Excess and obsolete inventory charges from suppliers
  • Too much working capital tied up in inventory
  • Plenty of inventory, but always in the wrong place

No Collaboration, Excess Inventories

Welcome to modern-day manufacturing: more outsourcing, more trading partners, more competition—and at the same time, less control, less cash, and shorter product life cycles. This combination of factors has quickly exposed the shortcomings of traditional inventory management programs. With limited to no connectivity across external suppliers, many enterprises today run the constant risk of revenue loss from stockouts or inventory write-offs. After all, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors working in isolation have no clear view of how much the market is demanding of your product or how well the rest of the supply chain is performing. Consequently, they are unable to “sense and respond” to potential upsides or disruptions in the supply network.

Network-Managed Inventory for a Demand-Driven Supply Chain

An effective inventory management system must be “end-to-end” capable to be competitive. The days of relying on inventory you can touch on the shelf are long gone. Global manufacturing in most industries has moved towards lean production and inventory systems that require precise replenishment information to keep the supply chain operating at peak performance. 

Customers now routinely measure perfect order performance to determine which suppliers are capable of responding with speed and flexibility demanded of an online supply chain. Today’s best-in-class supply chains are successful because they provide access to real-time inventory information as it occurs; shipments, receipts, pulls, and stocking levels enabling companies to make time-sensitive decisions and improve customer fulfillment.

E2open offers the only production-proven solution capable of developing and managing successful vendor- or supplier-managed inventory programs in partnership with your entire supply base. The solution provides any-to-any connectivity via a cloud-based platform, and enables automated execution of all VMI processes across suppliers, logistics providers, and customers. It also assures a high level of product availability while maintaining lower inventory levels by synchronizing consumption and replenishment cycles. Using E2open Network Response Planning capabilities further reduces inventory by dynamically adjusting future lot sizes to meet projected demands.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Provide all relevant parties with a shared, real-time picture of actual demand and adjustments needed to stocking levels and lot sizes
  • Minimize supply surpluses and stockouts
  • Respond to changes in demand quickly by allocating priority of supply to individual customer orders

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