I’m in Consumer Goods. How Can E2open Help Me?

Consumer Goods

The marketplace for consumer goods has been influenced by globalization, increasing the number of trading partners and opening new markets. Consumer goods manufacturers competing today are dealing with complex distribution webs, wide product portfolios, global sourcing and production, and increasing levels of outsourced manufacturing. All of the above is coupled with frequent promotional activities and seasonal sales—making management of demand-supply networks extremely challenging for consumer goods companies.

Compounding these problems are the margin pressures that reduce any room for error. Against this backdrop, consumer goods companies can only meet their competitive pressures if they have a set of solutions that can optimize both their demand and distribution networks, manage the increasing complexity of their supply networks, and enable a “bridge” between the demand and supply sides of the equation.

Top consumer goods companies are focusing attention on new product introduction, margin preservation, and channel management, which underpin their brand loyalty and service levels. Although efforts are being made to focus on collaboration and execution at multiple levels of the demand-supply network, consumer goods manufacturers are still faced with difficult market conditions, including:

  • Competition for customer loyalty
  • Increased governmental regulations
  • Volatile consumer demand
  • Loss of sell-through visibility
  • Variable supply with unpredictable lead times

Companies have partnered with E2open for long-term success and effectively transformed their supply chains into demand-driven and integrated demand-supply networks. E2open provides leading consumer goods manufacturers with the capabilities to:

  • Identify demand-supply misalignments and employ corrective actions
  • Collaborate on planning and fulfillment processes with partners
  • Gain visibility into channel inventory and demand
  • Ensure trading partner participation and compliance

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