I’m in High Tech. How Can E2open Help Me?

High Technology

High-tech companies are facing many challenges that require them to adapt to a new market reality of:

  • Increased global competition
  • Shorter product life cycles
  • New markets, channels, and partners
  • Global demand volatility
  • Increased customer service requirements

E2open has partnered with leading high-tech companies to help them meet the market pressures that they face today, while positioning them for long-term flexibility and scalability. E2open’s multi-enterprise solutions have been used across different types of companies in the high-tech ecosystem, creating a collaborative network of partners supporting end-to-end business processes. E2open works with high-tech companies to manage their demand-supply networks by:

  • Providing visibility across the multi-tier integrated demand-supply network
  • Executing multi-enterprise demand and supply network business processes
  • Managing inbound and outbound channels by exception
  • Monitoring and reporting on value network performance

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