I’m in Logistics. How Can E2open Help Me?

What issues are you tackling today?

As a logistics professional, you understand the importance of maintaining visibility across your operations. But when you’re in the business of managing the transportation of goods to and from different locations, keeping up with all the moving parts can be quite a challenge. To make things even more complicated, you have to contend with a variety of unpredictable disruptions—from poor traffic conditions to rising fuel prices to international regulations and holdups.

At E2open, we understand that a variety of factors can influence your ability to ensure on-time deliveries. Read on to uncover how E2open tackles some of your most pressing challenges.

I have no visibility of my inventory when it’s in-transit.

Without visibility across multiple tiers of the supply chain, your company is unable to keep track of its constantly moving inventories. Worse, without the ability to collaborate and exchange information in real time, there is no way to manage material movements proactively or reroute shipments to accommodate for unexpected disruptions or shifts in demand.

How E2open can help
By allowing you to collaborate with logistics providers to manage shipments proactively, E2open helps you ensure that all materials end up at the correct locations at the correct times. E2open solutions allow you to monitor all material movements effectively across logistics nodes and control points, so you can track actual lead times as well as quickly identify potential delays. This facilitates fast, intelligent decision-making so shipments can be rerouted or expedited to accommodate for logistics issues.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Access real-time visibility across stationary and in-transit inventories
  • Monitor the performance of your logistics providers
  • Resolve logistics issues proactively for improved supply assurance
  • Reduce inventory levels and improve customer service

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My logistics costs are moving in the wrong direction—that is, up!

Inefficient shipment schedules, shipment delays and expedites, unreliable performance by third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and poor visibility into changing demand—all these variables work to keep logistics costs sky high. And bringing them back down to manageable levels is becoming increasingly complex. After all, the logistics function is more international and fast-paced than ever before, and consumers seem to have exponentially more options—and less patience.

How E2open can help

E2open provides you with visibility and control across all the partners in your extended network—that includes logistics providers, whether they are at a logistics node or in-transit. E2open logistics-based products not only track estimated times of arrival (ETAs) for every shipment, they also calculate the impact of potential shipment delays at each location, and provide you with the information and technology needed to execute timely decisions to improve performance. Freight consolidation, improved freight contract rates, and more intelligent carrier selection also can be counted among the benefits of E2open’s logistics functionalities.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Collaborate more closely with logistics providers and distributors to ensure the right products arrive in the right quantities at the right times
  • Improve on-time availability of materials at the appropriate locations
  • Cut costs through more efficient management of shipments, including fewer expedites

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