Our inaugural environmental, social and governance (ESG) report is the first chapter in the story of E2open’s part in helping the global economy operate more smoothly, more efficiently and more sustainably. In the 2021 E2open ESG Report, we have embraced transparency and accountability not only to understand our impacts across all relevant ESG aspects, but also to communicate this understanding to our stakeholders. The report covers these important ESG topics and more:

  • The impact of E2open solutions in the area of sustainably improving supply chains

  • People programs that support employee wellbeing, engagement, diversity and inclusion, and community support

  • Initiatives targeted to minimizing environmental impact for the company and throughout clients’ supply chains

  • Processes that are in place to promote a fair and ethical culture and sound governance practices and compliance

Read the full report to learn how E2open is invested in operating in a manner that is consistent with the company’s sustainability aspirations.

2021 E2open ESG Report
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