AAFA Global Supply Chain & Trade Conference

May 24-25, 2022 | Baltimore, MD

We look forward to connecting with apparel and footwear brands, manufacturers and retailers at the AAFA Global Supply Chain & Trade Conference. Join us May 24 & 25 in Baltimore, MD!

Focusing on critical policy issues like customs, trade, sourcing, and logistics, the conference engages supply chain professionals, providing opportunities to strategize, network, and discuss global supply chain operations that impact speed, production, sourcing, and operation locations.

Industry experts and government officials share their insights so that attendees walk away with the latest information to improve the supply chain ecosystem.

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Panel Session

May 25 | 10:25 AM

Turning Turmoil to Progress

Gary Barraco, AVP, Product Marketing, E2open
Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Deputy Executive Director/COO, Port of Long Beach
Shana Riggs, Vice President of Operations, Wen-Parker Logistics

Nate Herman, Senior Vice President, Policy, AAFA

Every day, moving products from production to consumer seems to be taking longer, costing more, and getting more and more complicated. Hear from key players as they describe the current state of play and ways they are helping their customers address and overcome these seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Gary Barraco, Associate Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open

Gary Barraco

Associate Vice President, Product Marketing

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