IT Pro, Nick Andrews
Under huge pressure to compete in a crowded marketplace, the challenge for consumer electronic companies is to develop leading-edge products that appeal to increasingly discerning customers. It is also to effectively dovetail communications with partners in order to drive footfall into retail stores and create a satisfying shopping experience. One that will result in sales and repeat business. The trouble is that although these companies have invested in software solutions to help them increase productivity, improve customer engagement and/or realize cost savings, a significant number still remain in the dark when it comes to accurately tracking indirect sales data.
For Bose, there was a gap in the supporting details to show how new product launches had been received, whilst sales managers also now demanded centralized reports beyond the internal reports that were typically collected on an ad-hoc and individual basis. As a result, Bose turned to a  channel data management (CDM) solution to manage product launches more effectively and better allocated deliveries when they have limited stock.