Today more than ever, with disruptions surfacing around the globe, companies require control tower capabilities driven by real-time data, collaboration, applications and artificial intelligence (AI) that cut across departmental silos and external ecosystems to go beyond basic visibility.

Yet buyer beware: Not all control tower capabilities are created equal. Separating the truth from the hype requires a new way of thinking. Control tower capabilities need to align not only with your current business situation but also with your future goals of building a more resilient supply chain before the next disruption occurs.

During this webinar, we will share some fundamentals to help guide you in your control tower journey. Join us for a fresh perspective you can apply to your company and reap the benefits:

  • Separate control tower capability truths from the hype
  • Understand the most optimal control tower capabilities that align with your individual business goals
  • Leverage end-to-end capabilities for any control tower use case
  • Gain insights into what the future holds for supply chains during these chaotic times


Adrian Gonzalez – President at Adelante and Founder of Talking Logistics

Adrian Gonzalez
Founder, Host and Leading Industry Analyst

Gary M. Barraco – Director of Product Marketing, E2open

Gary Barraco
Sr. Director, Product Marketing


Lori Harner
Sr. Director, Product Marketing