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Customs-efficiency: Boost your margin and supply chain resilience

19 September 2023 | 9:00 AM CET

Companies dealing with cross-border trade have two options; self-file to authorities or outsource to a third party. Self-filing provides companies with greater control, accuracy, and efficiency –– all with significant cost savings. In some countries, self-filing is legally not possible or not fit-for purpose. For those cases, three different outsourcing archetypes exist, providing an efficient solution depending on a company’s setup. Fortunately, there’s a way to combine outsourcing options and self-filing in a comprehensive solution that reduces both costs and effort.

In the second session of our Virtual Breakfast Briefing Series, co-hosted by Accenture and e2open, you will learn how to eliminate third-party filing fees, automate the filing processes, improve accuracy, and control it all within a single platform.

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Stay on the lookout for the third session of the virtual Breakfast Briefing Series which is planned in November.

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Customs-efficiency: Boost your margin and supply chain resilience