Deep Dive into Next Gen Supply Chain Planning with Philip Morris International

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Watch Supply Chain Media, E2open and Philip Morris International as they deep dive into PMI’s Supply Chain Planning success story.

PMI has made great strides in its digital supply chain planning journey. They are dedicated to achieving their supply chain goal of leveraging the power of data, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform their business.

In their journey to an entirely digitized, automated and intelligent supply chain, PMI needed real-time access to decision-grade data inside and outside the organization, with unprecedented digital precision to automate complex cross-functional demand decisions.

During this 60 minute exchange with Martijn Lofvers from SCM, Anastasia Oplustil, Manager of Supply Chain Strategy & Results Delivery at PMI, will share PMI’s innovative approach to supply chain planning and visibility across an extended upstream and downstream network to improve forecast accuracy in markets served across the globe.

Featured Speaker

Anastasia Oplustil

Anastasia Oplustil
Manager Supply Chain Strategy & Results Delivery

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