Compare your forecasting and inventory performance with industry leaders. Download the most comprehensive study of its kind, encompassing over $250 billion in annual sales.

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Now in its eighth year, this study offers a comprehensive look into the state of supply chain complexity, demand planning performance and the benefits of demand sensing and multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO). Key findings include:

  • Product portfolios continue to grow, increasing the number of slow-moving items. The costs are real, as the slowest moving products incur 2X the forecast error of top movers and account for 3X the inventory.
  • Traditional demand planning accuracy is improving very slowly. To improve forecast accuracy, companies are adopting demand sensing and seeing an average 36% decrease in forecast error.
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization offers real benefits, decreasing safety stock by 13% on its own, and 31% when used in conjunction with demand sensing.