Gartner Clarifies the Control Tower Concept and Its Business Value

Don't Believe the Control Tower Hype – Buyer Beware

Access Gartner research to understand control tower capabilities. Learn about their components, business value and impact.

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“There is a need to clarify the term ‘control tower’ and its underlying capabilities to help gain greater transparency and at the same time remove any confusion and misconceptions,” states Gartner in the research document Don’t Believe the Control Tower Hype — Buyer Beware.*

Control tower is one of those catchy supply chain phrases that tends to mean something different to everyone. We invite you to learn Gartner’s definitive description of what a control tower is and is not, understand key capabilities to look for from solution providers, and find out how to select a platform that grows with you as your business needs mature. Access Don’t Believe the Control Tower Hype — Buyer Beware today.

*Gartner Inc., Don’t Believe the Control Tower Hype — Buyer Beware. Christian Titze, Tim Payne and Alex Pradhan, 17 August 2018.
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