E2open Announces Latest Product Release to Empower Flexible, Scalable, and Adaptive Supply Chain Operations

E2open continues its support for global, mission-critical business operations with enhancements to intercompany connectivity, logistics management, manufacturing automation, scenario planning and security.

Austin, TX  February 1, 2016  E2open demonstrates the result of its significant and ongoing investment in supply chain management technology with its latest product release announced today. The improved intercompany connectivity, new shipment and material tracking and traceability, deeper control of manufacturing processes, and better planning capabilities—all within a more secure cloud-based operations environment—provide enriched visibility and control while leveraging E2open’s powerful business network.

Highlights include:

  • Enhanced connectivity with external partners and internal systems such as SAP
  • New product to support shipment serialization, track and trace
  • Improved workflows to enable collaborative New Product & Technology Introduction and automated manufacturing instructions to outsourced manufacturing operations
  • Improved scalability of scenario planning capabilities
  • Continued investments in end-to-end security

“E2open has always been an innovator in global supply chain management, but over the last year we have significantly increased investment in our product and technology solutions,” says Michael Farlekas, CEO, E2open. “This latest release demonstrates the benefits that investment is delivering to our customers: improvements in flexibility, scalability and adaptability will enable our customers to adjust more quickly to changing conditions and make better decisions that improve competitiveness in a challenging market.”

About E2open

E2open is the leading provider of cloud-based, on-demand software solutions enabling enterprises to procure, manufacture, sell, and distribute products more efficiently through collaborative planning and execution across global trading networks. Enterprises use E2open solutions to see and control their trading networks through real-time information, integrated business processes, and advanced analytics. For more information, visit e2open.com.

PR Contact

Diane Mitchell | VP, Marketing | E2open | Diane.Mitchell@e2open.com | +1-512-735-5692