E2open Announces Record Results in Q1

Austin, TX – June 21, 2016 – E2open, the world’s largest Supply Chain Operating Network, today announces record quarterly revenue, record new client bookings, and accelerating cash generation.

In the first quarter, E2open added five new clients in the Consumer Products, Aerospace, Semiconductor, and Electronics industries, three of which were driven by partner relationships.  The company registered record revenue growth, including significant new subscriptions from both existing and new customers. Recent investment in client support is paying dividends as client retention for the first quarter remained over 99%. E2open also announced a record number of customer go-lives, including new implementations and upgrades across their customer base.

Additionally, E2open completed the acquisition and integration of Terra Technology, the leading provider of demand sensing technologies. Terra’s demand sensing solutions provide pattern recognition technology which allows E2open to leverage a broader set of demand signals, such as retail point of sale data, to dramatically improve forecast accuracy.

Finally, E2open announced its continued growth of their network, with over 45,000 trading partners and $250 Billion of annual spend on the network.

“The success we are enjoying is because of our investments in R&D and customer care,” said E2open CEO Michael Farlekas. “We continue to invest in our clients, our product, and our people. These investments allowed us to release innovative solutions which enable our clients to drive efficiencies in their complex, multi-enterprise supply chains. Our creation of an organization specifically focused on customer success has led to increased satisfaction and higher retention.”

“We succeed when we drive substantial value to our customers, and we continue to grow our investment toward this goal,” Farlekas continued.

About E2open

Founded in 2000, E2open provides the largest and most comprehensive Supply Chain Operating Network, including a broad suite of collaborative supply chain solutions. Leading global enterprises rely on E2open to provide greater end-to-end visibility, more accurate data and insights, and real-time business process orchestration across complex, multi-tier trading partner networks. For more information, visit e2open.com.

PR Contact

Diane Mitchell | VP, Marketing | E2open | Diane.Mitchell@e2open.com | +1-512-735-5692