E2open completes the integration of the Steelwedge S&OP solution and expands supply planning capabilities for the Process Industry

Enhances point-of-sale (POS) data acquisition, FDA compliance, and user controls over Demand Sensing and statistical forecast levels

Austin, TX – October 31, 2017 – E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, today announces its 17.4 Product Release, the final quarterly release in 2017. E2open’s Harmony User Experience rollout continues with the launch of harmonized Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). E2open added S&OP to its product suite as part of the Steelwedge acquisition in February 2017 and has delivered a unified User Experience within 8 months. The Harmony initiative also delivers usability improvements in Order Collaboration and Multi-Tier Supply Collaboration and Visibility. Additionally, Workflow Management capabilities are now available as part of the Harmonized UI.

The 17.4 release also provides expanded capabilities for the Process Industry. Interactive Supply Planning empowers users to make on the fly changes in a plan. A new feature, Capacity Levelling, is introduced in this release that creates a feasible plan from a capacity perspective by leveling the capacity requirements.

Other enhancements delivered in this release include:

Enhanced Retailer POS Data: E2open’s Demand Signal Management solution has improved the extraction and loading of Target’s daily POS and inventory data. E2open’s customers who supply Target can now benefit from more granular daily analysis, insights and reporting.

Enhanced FDA Compliance: E2open has added Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and EudraLex Volume 4. To support quality release processes within the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries, the Manufacturing Visibility solution has been enhanced to offer a one-time password capability, delivering a second factor of authentication, as required by the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and EudraLex Volume 4.

Enhanced Forecast Accuracy: Users are now empowered to view, modify and create item and customer channel splitting profiles giving them greater controls over how forecasts are generated.

Enhanced Controls Over Long-Term Demand Forecast Generation: E2open’s Demand Planning solution now offers flexibility to set parameters for what-if scenarios. With the analysis of Demand Forecast Unit (DFU) segmentation, users can now view DFU velocity and forecast stability, thereby providing a better understanding of their sales patterns.

Enhanced Browser Support: S&OP Enterprise Enabled Excel (E3) is now replaced by In-Tray App – a browser-agnostic tool that allows users to download templates and reports without any dependency on applets.

Enhanced Multi-Level Statistical Forecasting: E2open S&OP now provides an enhanced user interface for planners from multiple groups (such as Sales, Marketing, Demand Planning) to plan at various phases of S&OP cycle.

“Our 17.4 release is particularly notable due to the speed at which we’ve integrated the Steelwedge products into our broader portfolio, which includes applying our contemporary Harmony user experience and deploying the products within the E2open Cloud Infrastructure,” said Pawan Joshi, Senior Vice President for Products and Strategy at E2open. “In the last 8 months, the teams have come together as one to deliver industry-leading S&OP capabilities tightly integrated with the existing E2open offerings.”

As always, E2open continues investment in fine-tuning key performance areas across the product portfolio and technology upgrades thereby improving customer satisfaction. Some highlights of this work include faster template downloads, cycle rolls and forecast disaggregation.

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