Latest release further enables customers to operate end-to-end digital supply chain

Austin, TX – February 28, 2018 – E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, announces the 18.1 Product Release featuring the expansion of Harmony, Product Wheel functionality and Channel Data Management demonstrating their continued investment in building a revolutionary, digital supply chain across all industries.

E2open maintains a steady track record of rolling out Harmony across the entire platform while continuously adding new solutions to the portfolio through recent acquisitions. Harmony empowers customers to build a truly digital supply chain, running a seamless, efficient supply chain across all applications. With this release, Harmony is deployed on E2open’s Demand Signal Management and Demand Sensing solutions enabling customers to orchestrate their end-to-end supply chain.

With E2open’s commitment to developing solutions that meet the needs of Process and Discrete industries, this release introduces the Product Wheel functionality into E2open’s Supply Planning & Response solution. Supply planners can now ensure they are meeting their on-time delivery and resource utilization objectives while correctly representing production campaigns and minimizing changeovers.

Other highlights include:

  • Channel Data Management solutions now enable customers’ retail teams to create their own insightful dashboards where they can view and analyze their product sales and inventory at multiple levels, and perform peer group comparisons within their own portfolio of products and partners with detailed retail store-level visibility.
  • The new Global Enterprise Directory (GED) enables dramatic improvements in the match rates and accuracy of identifying channel partners and enterprise end customers across the business network. E2open continues to invest in curating and enriching the GED on an ongoing basis on behalf of the network of subscribers.
  • Scenario Management capability enhancements in Demand Sensing solutions enable demand planners to view multiple forecast scenarios and compare against the current production plan model.
  • Enhancements to the Multi-Tier Inventory Management solution enable customers, suppliers, and contract manufacturers’ users to have intuitive and seamless navigation across Forecast, Orders and Inventory Management workbenches spanning across multiple supply chain tiers.

The 18.1 product release demonstrates E2open’s promise of continuous innovation and expansion of features and functionality each quarter enabling customers across all industries to run a truly digital supply chain.  With the coming releases, customers can anticipate a fully harmonized user experience, a deeper integration of E2open’s Channel Data Management capabilities and additional key features across all E2open solutions.

“We are delighted to bring to our customers a mature, harmonized, end-to-end supply chain solution offering that combines Supply Chain Management applications with E2open’s extensive business network.” said Pawan Joshi, E2open’s SVP, Products & Strategy. “This release includes expanded Channel Data Management capabilities and Harmony user experience. Companies can now collaborate, plan and execute business processes across the complete value chain in a single place spanning Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Sales Operations.”

About E2open

E2open is the one place, in the cloud, to run your supply chain, powered by the world’s largest direct business network and a broad portfolio of next generation solutions including Sourcing & Procurement, Quality & Traceability, Inventory Visibility & Optimization, Supply Planning & Response, Logistics & Fulfillment, S&OP/Financial Planning, Demand Planning & Sensing, Channel Data Management and Channel Performance Optimization. E2open enables the world’s largest and most complex supply chains to better plan, execute and collaborate. We understand supply chain. Bring us your challenges and E2open will deliver better outcomes.