Consistent cadence of technology updates and fast integration of newly acquired technologies, including Zyme’s Channel Data Management, continue to bring E2open customers unparalleled benefits across the complete value chain.

AUSTIN, Texas, May 15, 2018 – E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, today released its quarterly technology update that brings added value, ease of use and expanded ability to experience a fully connected digital supply chain. In this update, E2open is proud to announce the rapid integration of Zyme technologies into the E2open architecture and its addition to the Harmony user experience.

“Harmony now delivers a ‘single pane of glass’ experience for our customers across sales as well as supply-chain operations, allowing them to orchestrate their end-to-end supply chain from demand to supply, from planning to execution, from sales to delivery,” said Pawan Joshi, senior vice president, Products and Strategy. “We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that not only improve effectiveness of individual functions, but also help unify them across the business ecosystem.”

Additional advances across the E2open product portfolio were also delivered as part of this quarterly update.

  • Enhanced Machine Learning Algorithm for Multiechlon Inventory Optimization — E2open’s enhanced machine learning algorithm for inventory optimization now simultaneously optimizes for cycle and safety stock thresholds that best satisfy service-level targets across the entire network — from raw materials to finished goods, and from procurement to distribution and fulfillment.
  • Interactive Supply Analytics Dashboards – Market-leading Supply Planning & Response now includes enhanced analytics with insightful dashboards that empower users to drill down and drill up to the desired level of detail, allowing for easier historical analysis and tracking of key performance indicators. Increased planner efficiency and effectiveness will allow companies to support faster product lifecycles, support product portfolio and geographical expansion, and manage increasing channel complexity.
  • Innovative Demand Planning With AI-Enabled Long-Term Demand Sensing – E2open’s Demand Planning solution now incorporates AI-enabled Long-Term Demand Sensing (generating up to 15 percent more accurate forecast), an intuitive enterprise Excel-based user experience (allowing better planner productivity), along with insightful analytics and dashboards (facilitating rapid analysis). Streamlined demand planning process with better baseline forecast augmented with planner insights will allow enterprises to better manage demand.
  • Alternative Modes of Transport – As part of the scenario supply planning process, E2open’s Supply Planning & Response not only determines the optimal manner to satisfy all forms of demand, it simultaneously recommends the optimal mode of transportation considering factors such as lead times, cost and timeliness. Simultaneously managing material, capacity and transport constraints, as well as opportunities, will allow clients to profitably and holistically match demand and supply.

“It is imperative that we bring customers the latest product innovations quickly to give them the most competitive advantage in their markets,” said Michael Farlekas, chief executive officer of E2open. “Given the importance of supply chain and operations to the bottom line, we know customers don’t just trust us to run their supply chain, they trust us to run their business with a supply chain application. We are committed to building, integrating and rapidly delivering the largest network for supply chain, sales and manufacturing operations across the world.”

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As a cloud-based offering, E2open rapidly brings the best in supply-chain management technology to customers every day with even more updates than we can share here. For a complete overview of the expanded value E2open customers received in this update and every day across the E2open network.

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