For decades, companies have sought to get the right product to the right shopper at the right time. But dynamic markets and complex supply chains have left on-shelf availability an elusive Holy Grail. Despite a host of initiatives, shelf-level Out of Stocks (OOS) still occur 8 to 10% of the time and they are expensive.

Ensuring your products are available on the retail shelf for customer purchase is critical for successful in-store execution. Whether launching new items, trial-based promotions, or brand-building initiatives, if the product is not there when the shopper reaches the shelf, sales are lost.

E2open’s Demand Signal Repository (DSR) On-Shelf Availability feature empowers consumer-driven supply chains to take calculated steps to capture untapped market potential, enabling improved on-shelf availability, increased margins and higher revenue. Learn more on how E2open powers demand execution for consumer-driven supply chains in this Solution Brief.

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