e2open Expands Harmony User Experience Across its Product Suite, Achieves Certified Integration with SAP ERP Running on SAP HANA® for its ERP Add-On, and Enhances Demand Planning Processes

Austin, TX – August, 7, 2017 – e2open today announces its 17.3 Product Release which includes an expanded Harmony rollout, certified integration with SAP® ERP running on SAP HANA® for its ERP Add-On, major enhancements for retailer connectivity and point-of-sale data acquisition, as well as new capabilities for Demand and Sales Planning.
  • Harmony User Experience: e2open’s Harmony rollout continues to now include Supply Chain Collaboration, Manufacturing Visibility, Quality & Traceability, and Analytics solution suites – all easily accessible from a single Launch Pad that provides access to all solutions, across all customers on the e2open Network. Additional details are available at:
  • Certified Integration with SAP® ERP running on SAP HANA® via e2open’s ERP Add-on: e2open’s ERP Add-on can now interoperate with the SAP® ERP application running on the SAP HANA® platform using standard integration technologies (details available on the SAP App Center).
  • Enhanced Retailer Connectivity: Demand Signal Management (DSM) now has enhanced adaptors that allow e2open to connect and collect actual consumption via Point of Sale (POS) and channel data on behalf of customers. These adaptors now support scheduling of secure and reliable data extracts that not only support retailer-specific metrics and KPIs (from the likes of Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc.) but also cross-retailer processes like Demand Sensing which can dramatically improve forecast accuracy and overall supply chain performance.
  • Planning with SalesSight: Inputs from sales executives plays an important role in supply chain planning, sensing, and response. e2open’s SalesSight, a native Salesforce application, allows sales and account executives to manage forecasts and opportunities within the CRM application. SalesSight users can drill down into opportunities, update them, add reason codes, set confidence levels, etc., all of which are automatically incorporated into the overall Demand Planning process without any manual extracts and translations. Similarly, relevant aspects of the demand plan are made available to the sales and account teams to allow them to better manage and shape their opportunities without having to use another application.
  • Attach Rate Planning Enhanced with Weekly Forecasting: e2open’s Attach Rate Planning engine can now generate weekly forecasts for both dependent and independent demand using artificial intelligence and pattern recognition techniques. This supports more frequent tactical planning without sacrificing forecast accuracy at both the product and the component levels.

“e2open is committed to rolling innovative features every quarter across the entire product portfolio,” said Pawan Joshi, Senior Vice President for Products and Strategy at e2open. “Our 17.3 release delivered capabilities that spanned across data connectivity and information acquisition, decision-making, as well as next generation user experience. Our solutions continue to be enhanced to allow our customers and their partners to connect, collaborate, sense, plan, and execute across their entire supply chain.”

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