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Trading Partner Management

Managing complex supply chains often requires extensive hands-on effort to select and evaluate new trading partners. e2open’s Trading Partner Management application helps brand owners easily and accurately determine if a trading partner complies with corporate and regulatory requirements. By streamlining partner onboarding and facility audit processes, companies can source with confidence and optimize their partner selection decisions.

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Improve Partner Visibility and Compliance

A single platform for visibility from brand owner to multi-tier trading partners, e2open Trading Partner Management helps you extend compliance processes across your entire supply chain partner network.

Choose well so you can establish strong partnerships:

  • Trading partner rankings based on performance along with automated alerts for high-risk concerns

  • One operating platform for managing partner onboarding tasks, documents, digital acknowledgments and electronic signatures

  • Visibility into partner relationships from onboarding to order history

  • Collaboration with partners and auditors through efficient workflows

  • Improved compliance levels across the enterprise due to partner transparency and consolidated data

  • Management capabilities for all types of facility audits—including social, quality and environmental—on one efficient platform

  • Tracking and management of all corrective action plans to reduce the risk of non-compliance

  • Tools for creating maps of your global supply chain that clearly portray partner-to-partner relationships and outline the flow of goods

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e2open Trading Partner Management

Automate and streamline complex onboarding, communication and oversight of trading partners on one operating platform for quicker time-to-value.

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Trading Partner Assurance

Protect brand equity, reduce sourcing risks and safeguard compliance by fine-tuning partner onboarding and facility audit processes.

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