E2open Releases Connector for Oracle Cloud, Extends its SAP-certified Adapter to Demand Sensing and Collaboration Solutions, and Introduces Intuitive Personalized Dashboards and New Workflows for Managing Recalls

Austin, TX – February 21, 2017 – E2open today announces its 17.1 product release that delivers rapid integration across major ERPs, intuitive drag-and-drop dashboards, and pre-built commonality analysis capability for early response to emerging product trace and recall situations.
  • Oracle Cloud Integration: With out-of-the-box integration between the E2open Network and Oracle SCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud, enterprises can quickly connect and trade with anyone—every supplier, logistics provider, and customer on the E2open Network is available. Further, enterprises can pay as they go and pay only for what they need.
  • SAP-certified Adapter for Demand Sensing and Partner Collaboration: The powerful, ready-to-go and simple-to-configure SAP-certified adapter has been extended to E2open’s Demand Sensing as well as Supply & Demand Collaboration solutions. This is in addition to its existing coverage of E2open’s Supply Planning solutions.
  • Personalized, Drag-and-Drop Analytics: Multi-tier supply chains continue to experience ever increasing data volumes. This release introduces new interactive, personalized dashboards with drag-and-drop control—enabled by fast, in-memory aggregations that process millions of records in a matter of seconds. The dashboards also allow select metrics to be securely shared with partners.
  • Commonality Analysis for Early/Proactive Response to Quality Issues & Trace and Recall: With this release, customers will not only have the ability to trace and recall offending lots, they also will be able to trace the genealogy to identify potential root causes. Further, this root cause and genealogy analysis can be used to identify other lots that may have similar, but not yet identified, issues to initiate proactive corrective action. This powerful capability addresses use cases in industries like food and beverage, semiconductor, and life sciences.

“E2open’s latest release has further expanded our functional footprint as well as our ability to seamlessly connect and exchange data with ERP and planning software. E2open’s Business Network, E2net, is one of the less than a handful of networks providing this capability with certified adapters from the likes of SAP, Oracle, etc.,” said Pawan Joshi, Senior Vice President for Products and Strategy at E2open.

“In our upcoming 17.2, May release, we will be unveiling Harmony, our common user experience to span across our entire solution offerings. Harmony is the result of significant end-user research as well as the incorporation of the latest technologies. We believe Harmony will revolutionize the manner in which supply chains are digitally represented and orchestrated – it will allow users across the extended business eco-system to seamlessly connect, visualize, plan, and execute supply chain operations in a closed-loop, collaborative manner using real-time information,” he added.

About E2open

Founded in 2000, E2open provides the largest and most comprehensive Supply Chain Operating Network, including a broad suite of collaborative supply chain solutions. Leading global enterprises rely on E2open to provide greater end-to-end visibility, more accurate data and insights, and real-time business process orchestration across complex, multi-tier trading partner networks. For more information, visit e2open.com.

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