MONDAY 15 MAY 2017

e2open Unveils Harmony – The One Place in the Cloud to Operate the Connected Supply Chain

Austin, TX – May 15, 2017 – e2open today announces the availability of Harmony as a part of its 17.2 Product Release. Release highlights also include On-Time In-Full functionality for Walmart’s suppliers, robust transaction searches, enhanced security, and powerful scenario planning.

Orchestrating the supply chain continues to challenge even the best run companies. While the physical supply chain has always been connected, the software tools that enable decision-making and execution are fragmented and disconnected making it increasingly difficult to match supply with demand.

Legacy applications continue to sub-optimize the supply chain, forcing companies to build siloed organizations that use manual processes to bridge the gap. Bloated lead times, high inventory, frequent expedites, and lower customer satisfaction are the symptoms of this problem. Compressed cycle times, increased customer expectations, and the use of external specialists make end-to-end operation of the extended supply chain essential but increasingly complex. Harmony eliminates these siloes so the enterprises can operate as one connected supply chain.

e2open’s vision is to orchestrate the end-to-end supply chain for the world’s best companies. Today, e2open takes a major step toward that vision with its latest innovation – Harmony. Harmony synchronizes the entire supply chain – from raw material to final consumption, all from one platform regardless of role or company involved. State-of-the-art cloud connectivity enables Harmony to connect, collect, and normalize information across the entire supply chain in real time. Machine learning, self-tuning algorithms use this timely and accurate information to automate decisions from one end of the supply chain to the other. Real-time visibility and collaborative workflows allow the enterprise and its partners to work together to rapidly adjust to changes.

Plans and decisions are of little value if they cannot be executed by a connected digital supply chain. Harmony provides the connection between planning and execution to choreograph decisions across the extended supply chain allowing all participants to operate using the “same version of the truth.” To learn more about Harmony, visit:

“Ease of use, performance, and productivity is built into the DNA of Harmony. We interviewed clients operating the world’s best supply chains in order to understand the tools they need to be more effective. We used a collaborative design process across the globe, across industries, and across functional disciplines, coupled it with leading-edge technology to develop Harmony. Our clients believe Harmony will dramatically increase their effectiveness,” said Pawan Joshi, Senior Vice President for Products and Strategy at e2open. “In addition to Harmony, e2open’s 17.2 release delivers capabilities across our entire product portfolio including On-Time In-Full (OTIF) capabilities per Walmart’s guidelines, enhanced scenario planning capabilities, as well as ongoing security enhancements for E2net-based connectivity,” he added.

“Harmony will make us all re-think traditional supply chain management and operations. The ability to connect, collaborate, sense, plan, and execute across the entire supply chain will allow enterprises to operate to a credible forecast, monitor execution and adjust their supply chains to the inevitable changes that occur. We are delivering on our promise to connect the entire supply chain and operate it from one place in the cloud. We invite everyone to come see this vision become a reality at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference,” said e2open CEO Michael Farlekas.

Harmony at the 2017 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

During the 2017 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference taking place May 23-25 in Phoenix, e2open executives will be sharing additional details and showing the power of Harmony in your supply chain. Please stop by e2open booth #409 to learn more.

e2open is a premier sponsor of the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, the world’s most important gathering of supply chain leaders. For more information, visit:

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