Global Supply Chain Leader E2open Empowers Enterprises to Achieve 100% Trading Partner On-boarding with Latest Release

With its 16.2 release, E2open makes it easier to onboard and collaborate with long-tail trading partners, simplifies workflows and configurations, and enhances constraint-based planning.

Austin, TX – April 25, 2016 – E2open today announces its latest product release, again demonstrating the company’s technological innovation and commitment to world-class management of supply chain operations. E2open’s powerful supply chain operating network now offers expanded options for more seamless workflow and configuration management, enhancements to its flexible rules-based constrained planning, and broader network reach to include ‘long-tail’ partners.

E2open’s 16.2 release offers:

Easier onboarding for long-tail partners. Customers that have suppliers with low transaction volume and frequency, who often work offline, can now benefit from an E2open solution that’s easy to use, simple, and collaboration-focused. E2open’s Long Tail Partner Collaboration solution is an efficient, low-cost enabler for easily onboarding trading partners onto E2open’s visibility & collaboration platform via an intuitive user interface. And E2open will offer even more long-tail collaboration options in its upcoming 16.3 release, all with the goal of enabling enterprises to harmonize procurement processes and metrics across their complete supplier base, leaving no trading partner outside standard processes.

Greater configurability of workflows. E2open’s Manufacturing Collaboration solutions have been enhanced with even more flexible workflow management capabilities allowing for greater modularity and extensibility in the management of new product introductions, engineering change orders and quality collaboration processes.

Constraint-based planning, now with push planning. With this release, customers of E2open’s powerful priority-driven constraint-based supply planning solution have the option to enable built-ahead stock to be pushed downstream from capacity and storage-space constrained locations —providing even better representation of real-life constraints, and incorporating them into the rules-based planning process, rather than expecting overburdened planners to move stock around manually.

“E2open’s founding vision 15 years ago was to bring the ‘network effect’ to multi-enterprise supply chains, with capabilities that allow trading partners to transact, collaborate, and plan together,” said Michael Farlekas, CEO of E2open. “We continue to invest significantly in our products and network. This release represents a step-change in onboarding to ensure the network grows even stronger over time, with partners of all shapes and sizes.”

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