Headphones Manufacturer B&O Play Tracks Retail Sales with Zyme, Cliff Saran

B&O Play – the headphones franchise of hi-fi specialist Bang & Olufsen – has begun using Zyme (now E2open) channel management software to manage its merchandise across its growing retail and distribution channels. The franchise, which began four years ago, started selling through Bang & Olufsen retail stores, but it wanted to expand, using third-party retailers. The company had previously used a closed environment where all sales data was available but, as it expanded to use third–party retailers, B&O Play needed to collect sales data from channel partners directly. As a result it had limited visibility on the activities and performance of its distribution and retail channel.

Working with Zyme (now E2open), B&O Play now has access to one global dashboard which becomes the foundation for creating much improved channel visibility.

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