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Global expansion is a business reality for private-label organizations. In a time of shrinking margins, increasing competition and technology complexities, E2open has the formula for success.

As companies diversify their sourcing footprint, the pressure on private-label brand owners grows. They must deliver the right products at the lowest price with the most innovative materials produced by ethical, responsible partners into customers’ waiting hands right on time—all while collaborating across borders. It can be nearly impossible to exchange necessary supply chain information with trading partners due to the disparate applications and manual processes involved.

The reality of global sourcing is that brand owners need to leverage a single, common communication platform and standardize their procurement practices. The ability to rapidly share information across the supply chain ecosystem—including every key trading partner—will improve performance and guarantee success.

To gain a competitive advantage, brand owners that source from various regions can benefit from automated technology to help manage the end-to-end product lifecycle. Placing a greater focus on rapid product design, collaboration and delivery will enable these companies to reduce product development cycle times and improve time-to-market.

Based on years of experience working with leading private-label brands, E2open has developed a complete range of applications that empower private-label brand owners to address each challenge. They are improving collaboration among their many distinct internal and external groups, standardizing processes and documents and gaining a central knowledge base to store and share all related data from multiple applications. The result is visibility every step along the way.

Confidently source, make and deliver new and existing private-labelled products with improved margins, quality and speed-to-market.

Improve Productivity with Product Lifecycle Management

Collaborate earlier in the product development lifecycle to streamline processes, meet changing consumer demands and deliver new, creative products to market.

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Enforce Compliance by Leveraging Trading Partner Management

Ensure that trading partners are compliant with corporate and regulatory requirements prior to on-boarding, and begin building partnerships with confidence.

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Quality and Traceability Help Guard Your Company’s Reputation

Easily and accurately ensure that all trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards defined for product safety and quality.

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Purchase Order Collaboration Streamlines Order Management

Drive new efficiencies, improve visibility and increase productivity with end-to-end multi-tier supplier collaboration on a single, unified operating platform.

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