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TMS Made Easy™ for Enterprises

Step up to a modern, intuitive user experience that optimizes carrier selection across a wide range of transportation modes, simplifies tendering and streamlines payment. E2open’s Transportation Management System application enables real-time visibility, reporting and collaboration. The status of domestic and global shipments is at your fingertips, along with insight into the business impact of delays in time to make course corrections.

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Increase Productivity and Reduce Freight Costs

E2open’s transportation management system (TMS) provides an alternative to traditional slow-moving, high-priced TMSs. The intuitive application is built on social media technology to reduce training and deployment time.

Optimize shipping and profitability:

  • 5-10% reduction in freight costs through automated load consolidation, mode selection and carrier assignment optimization

  • Real-time visibility and monitoring of shipments with the ability to determine the actual business impact of delays when used with E2open’s Logistics Visibility application

  • Wide range of domestic and international modes, including over the road (OTR), parcel, rail and ocean

  • Easy, fast and intuitive execution with automated waterfall tendering and spot quoting

  • Integrated internal and external benchmark data for context-sensitive decision support

  • TMS industry’s first built-in social network for collaboration among shippers, carriers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers

  • 1-3% reduction in freight spend due to streamlined auditing and rules-based exception management

  • Easy-to-use analysis tools that leverage massive amounts of TMS data to create future savings

Shipping Made Simple

Simplify domestic and global logistics with an enterprise TMS that is modern, easy to use and quick to deploy. Start in weeks instead of months or years.

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