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Joint Business Plans that Work

Collaborating with channel partners to create effective business plans requires a straightforward process supported by easy-to-use tools and a good understanding of partner capabilities. E2open’s Collaborative Business Planning application uses artificial intelligence, templates, dashboards, automation and integration to empower you to work with partners to create streamlined, adaptable plans that result in consistent high performance.

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Optimize Planning and Execution Tracking

Develop effective business plans aligning goals, strategies and resources by collaborating with your partners in a way that strengthens channel relationships, improves communication and productivity and builds trust.

Advanced capabilities improve performance:

  • Gain insight into areas where a partner can benefit from support

  • Plan and run channel activities faster with configurable templates, workflows and partner alerts

  • Simulate possible outcomes to select the highest-impact incentive investments

  • Automate plan execution tracking and leverage role-based dashboards to evaluate adherence to plans

  • Continuously adjust recommendations based on machine learning

  • Improve resource allocation and budgeting by knowing what your partners need ahead of time

Collaborate for Success

Plan jointly with your partners for their full buy-in, approach each plan as part of a larger portfolio and adapt plans easily in a timely manner to optimize performance.

Plan Collaboratively
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