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Brexit‐Ready in Just One Day

Time to get ready for Brexit is quickly running out. Get protected in just 24 hours with the confidence of being backed by the world’s most complete source of trade content to ensure that your UK imports and exports are always compliant with the latest regulations. Then, turn Brexit into an opportunity by realizing new duty savings available through post‐Brexit preferential trade agreements.

Get Started

Approaching Brexit with Confidence

Automate transaction screening against the latest version of the UK Trade Tariff and up‐to‐date import and export regulations. Improve planning and make the right decisions with accurate, current and
complete information.

You can be Brexit‐ready in 24 hours with ease:

  • Get up and running in one day

  • Instantly scan and verify import and export transactions against the latest Brexit regulations, updated daily by E2open’s dedicated trade content professionals

  • Carry out product classification for customs and export controls

  • Perform essential import and export control checks for your sales and purchase orders

  • Gain unparalleled clarity on customs duty, taxes and fees after Brexit

  • Identify relevant post‐Brexit Preferential Trade Agreements to generate long‐term duty savings

Get Brexit‐Ready in Only 24 Hours

Whether it’s a soft or hard Brexit, be prepared with the security of knowing your business is protected
against the uncertainty of changing import/export regulations.

Ready, Set, Go
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