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Proactive Supply Collaboration

Managing volatile demand involves sourcing from base ingredients, components or subassemblies that are often constrained. E2open’s Forecast Collaboration application provides early visibility into supply constraints for both existing and upside orders, allowing buyers and sellers to proactively identify and address mismatches before they impact business. This improves productivity and supply assurance while reducing lead times and risk.

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Synchronize Demand with All Tiers of Supply

Create shared value between partners by efficiently collaborating with all parties within the supply ecosystem. Advance visibility into orders enables suppliers to ensure materials and capacity availability.

Proactive collaboration brings key business benefits:

  • Time-series view of component forecasts, upsides and commits for suppliers and contract manufacturers

  • Dynamic alerts for demand-supply mismatches between buyers and suppliers

  • Shared source of truth for all parties that increases transparency and trust between partners

  • Better service with shorter lead times

  • 50-75% excess and obsolete inventory

  • 25-35% reduction in component expediting costs

  • Advance visibility into large upside orders

  • Improved sales and operations planning (S&OP) outcomes through the use of decision-grade supply data

Build Lasting Supplier Partnerships

Take sourcing to a new level. Collaborate across all supply tiers to ensure the availability of raw materials and outsourced capacity for both existing and upside orders.

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