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Sarah Barbes Humphrey

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey
Founder & Host
Let’s Talk Supply Chain

John Lash
VP, Product Marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic precipitated perhaps the broadest and most sustained business disruption in modern history. Since then, business leaders have prioritized greater agility and resiliency in preparation for future supply chain disruptions.

In this latest installment with Let’s Talk Supply Chain, host Sarah Barnes Humphrey and E2open’s John Lash, VP of Product Marketing, discuss how some of the world’s largest manufacturers were impacted by the pandemic, strategies employed in response to the crisis and lessons learned to better prepare for future disruptions.

Leveraging data and insights from the newly released Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark Study, encompassing over $200 billion in annual sales across numerous industries, they will dive into:

  • Real operational data analyzing the pandemic’s impact on supply chains
  • Strategies implemented by global manufacturers and their results
  • How technology like artificial intelligence (AI) played a role in managing events

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