January 25-27, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV

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Michael A. Farlekas, e2open, Chief Executive Officer

Michael Farlekas

Chief Executive Officer

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Senior Editor, Technology at JOC.com

Eric Johnson

Senior Editor, Technology

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Managing Supply Chain Complexity: Goodbye Siloed Decision-Making, Hello Orchestration

Today’s supply chains are challenged by siloed decision-making, poor visibility, and inconsistent responsiveness. With greater demand volatility, external disruptions, and increased fragmentation, supply chain management is more complex than ever before. As companies attempt to manage in this environment, orchestration may be their most useful tool.

To properly orchestrate, companies need a digital supply chain management software platform that includes E2E functionality, a network of ecosystems for channel, supply, logistics and trade compliance and sophisticated technology to enhance the data from these ecosystems with AI and ML to make intelligent decisions.

This will help companies address the dramatic shifts in

  • Customer expectations
  • Supply chain constraints
  • Siloed functions and data
  • Logistics and distribution challenges

Panel Session

Pawan Joshi, e2open, Executive Vice President, Product Management & Strategy

Pawan Joshi

Executive Vice President, Product Management & Strategy

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Pal Narayanan Chief Information Officer, Geodis

Pal Narayanan

Chief Information Officer

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David Maloney Group Editorial Director, DCvelocity

David Maloney

Group Editorial Director

Smarten Up Your Visibility: Show Customers Your Intelligence

Wednesday, January 26 | 2:00-2:40 PM PST

The pandemic has highlighted supply chain vulnerabilities that could never have been anticipated and will likely stick around for a while. Smart business leaders are turning to advanced technology to understand the downstream economic impact of unforeseen disruptions leading to missed hand-offs and less-than-five star ratings from customers.

By super-charging visibility solutions with AI and predictive analytics, companies can look below the surface to make intelligent business decisions and orchestrate remedial plans before disruptions occur.

Join this panel discussion to learn how enhanced logistics and supply chain visibility can set you apart from your competitors.

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