E2open Acquires Zyme, Increases Downstream Supply Chain Visibility

TEC, PJ Jakovljevic

As part of E2open, Zyme’s demand-shaping and generation capabilities could now fuel a wide range of SCM algorithms to optimize planning and execution across the entire value chain. This combination offers full visibility—from consumer demand to components supply and all steps in between—and the ability to shape channel performance through incentives and marketing funds. It should allow companies to rethink their supply chain strategies from being siloed and cost-optimized to orchestrated and value-optimized.

E2open now has a broad SCM platform designed to inorganically grow key capabilities and quickly integrate them (the vendor also grows organically, but at a slower rate). Both the company and its customers are expected to realize much faster time to value, given that everything will eventually run through a unified data model that is a foundational capability of the E2net cloud connectivity layer. The first step after acquiring a company is to connect its technologies to E2net.

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