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Business Planning

  • The Power of the Network

The Power of the Network


More and more, companies are outsourcing areas of their businesses to help reduce costs and gain economies of scale. For all its benefits, an outsourced business model greatly reduces supply chain visibility and control over [...]

  • What Does AI Even Mean?

What Does “AI” Even Mean?


My last blog post about artificial intelligence (AI) covered some of the technology’s history, including how engineers, scientists, writers and readers all understood the rise of AI would change everything. Decades later, it [...]

  • E2open

E2open and Vizient Announce Strategic Relationship to Establish a Supply Chain Resiliency Platform for Member Health Systems

Press Releases|

Agreement will create a platform that improves collaboration between participating healthcare organizations and suppliers   AUSTIN, Texas — August 5, 2021 — E2open (NYSE: ETWO), a leading network-based provider of cloud-based, mission-critical, end-to-end supply chain management software, announces a strategic relationship with Vizient, Inc., the largest [...]

LogiPharma + LogiMed [Virtual Event]

Past Events|

July 20-21, 2021  |  Virtual Event Join over 500+ global supply chain leaders in pharma, biotech and medtech, and transform your supply chain organization to thrive in the emerging new normal by learning from your peers in deep dive panels, fireside chats and interactive sessions [...]

  • E2open Trading Partner Management

E2open Trading Partner Management

Data Sheets|

Onboarding new partners often involves a myriad of complex manual processes. Much of the communication — including critical milestones — is decentralized, making it difficult for brand owners to track and assess [...]

  • E2open Sales Order Collaboration Data Sheet

E2open Sales Order Collaboration

Data Sheets|

As a brand owner conducting business-to-business selling, you routinely face complex processes involving retailers, distributors, resellers and direct sales that can result in customer service challenges. E2open’s Sales Order Collaboration application provides [...]

  • E2open Recall Management

E2open Recall Management

Data Sheets|

Defective products can result in injuries, untold financial liability and brand damage. Companies must quickly identify the affected items, remove them from the supply chain and issue replacement goods if necessary. These [...]

  • E2open

E2open Positioned Again as a Leader with the Highest Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks Report

News, Press Releases|

AUSTIN, Texas — May 10, 2021 — E2open (NYSE: ETWO), a leading network-based provider of 100% cloud-based, mission-critical, end-to-end supply chain management software, has been placed by Gartner in the Leaders quadrant with the highest ability [...]

  • E2open Retail Shelf Management

E2open Retail Shelf Management

Data Sheets|

Ensuring on-shelf availability in every store is paramount for retail success. However, when launching or promoting products, it can be challenging for brand owners to maintain the correct balance of supply and [...]

  • E2open Product Lifecycle Management

E2open Product Lifecycle Management

Data Sheets|

In apparel and private-label industries, new products and product lines are designed and launched rapidly—often several times each year. To stay ahead of the competition, brand owners must work to deliver new [...]

  • E2open Post-Brexit Compliance Management

Post-Brexit Compliance Management

Solution Briefs|

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union—commonly known as Brexit—on December 31, 2020, had an enormous impact on supply chains worldwide. The departure significantly disrupted operations for many organizations and caused unintended non-compliance. [...]

  • E2open Contract Compliance

E2open Contract Compliance Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Contracts for outsourced manufacturing and logistics have become more complex and challenging with the shift to service-based pricing. To complicate things further, companies must manually cross-check the partner invoices they receive against [...]

  • Taking the Mess Out of TMS

Taking the Mess Out of TMS


Even in the best times, moving goods internationally can bring obstacles, complexities and headaches for every party involved. Fortunately, there's a way out. Privacy mode may [...]

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Control Tower Capabilities Redefined


The level of agility required to capture growth opportunities—plus the resiliency needed to manage today’s risks—demands a new way of thinking. E2open’s control tower capabilities bring together the data, applications, artificial intelligence (AI) and [...]

  • E2open Drop-Ship Management Data Sheet

E2open Drop-Ship Management Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Outsourcing is a popular manufacturing strategy used to lower product costs and improve competitiveness. However, it adds a level of logistical complexity in getting products to end customers. When outsourcing, goods must [...]

  • E2open Cost Management Data Sheet

E2open Cost Management Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Having accurate product cost data—not just at the unit level, but for the components in each unit—is crucial for nearly every aspect of producing and selling goods profitably. However, when you depend [...]

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EU Trade Agreements Map


View Infographic Trade agreements can greatly reduce costs and increase competitiveness for companies and their suppliers. However, trade agreements are difficult to manage for many reasons. There are more than 400 [...]

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E2open Global Logistics Visibility Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Global logistics—moving goods from their source to buyers in various locations worldwide—is fraught with complexities that can result in confusion, escalating costs and poor customer service. Without start-to-finish visibility and realistic estimated [...]

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E2open Payment Services Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Without the help of automation, many challenges can arise when it’s time to pay your channel partners—and costly penalties and processing errors are often the result. Incorrect payment details, delays and missing [...]

  • E2open_Control Tower Capabilities-Re-Imagined

Control Tower Capabilities Re-Imagined


The recent disruptions around the globe have exposed the importance of end-to-end visibility and control to build the resiliency required to manage these major disruptions in the market. Today, more than ever, companies [...]

  • E2open_The Challenges of Global Trade Video

The Challenges of Global Trade


In today’s global trade environment, companies must improve supply chain agility, compress cycle times and reduce distribution costs to stay competitive. Learn how E2open’s Global Trade Management applications can help transform your supply chain to [...]

  • LogiPharma 2020

LogiPharma [Live Event]

Past Events|

September 1-3, 2020 — Acropolis, Nice, France Where the top minds in pharma supply chain, logistics, distribution, customer service, planning, IT, quality and sourcing meet to share practical insights on how to achieve digitalisation, [...]

  • E2talk: Manufacturing Re-Imagined

E2talk: Manufacturing Re-Imagined

Webinars on Demand|

A Case Study on Driving Quality Improvements and Supply Chain Performance in Your Manufacturing Network. Today’s manufacturing landscape is multinational with inventory moving from one country and one supplier to the next, through several stages of highly differentiated manufacturing with [...]

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E2open Customs Filing Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

When it comes to customs filings for cross-border trade, you usually have two options: prepare and self-file your customs declarations or outsource the process to a customs broker firm. Self-filing tends to [...]

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Six Steps to a Great Technology Stack


Today’s technology challenges are stacked against you—but the right technology stack can be pivotal for meeting your company’s goals. Dive into this ebook to learn six strategic steps for stacking [...]

  • Supply Chain Collaboration video

Supply Chain Collaboration


Today, supply chain collaboration between buyers and their overseas vendors is usually conducted with an unending merry-go-round of excel documents, emails, last-minute changes and zero visibility into the real-time status of orders and shipments. [...]

  • Going Global With GTM video

Going Global With GTM


Governmental trade restrictions, export rules and reporting requirements are in constant flux and differ from country to country, which makes your job overwhelming. Learn how E2open’s Global Trade Management applications deliver the functionality and [...]

  • Transforming the Global Supply Chain video

Transforming the Global Supply Chain


E2open helps companies transform their global supply chain to improve margins, enable agility and reduce risk through digitization. Learn how you can transform your global supply chain to achieve real-time and secure visibility that [...]

  • E2open

E2open’s Q3 Technology Update Continues to Push Boundaries with Advances in Efficiency and Usability to Better Manage Disruptions

News, Press Releases|

AUSTIN, Texas — August 26, 2020 – E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, today announced the release of its third-quarter technology update with enhancements across the entire product portfolio. Highlights include the launch of reimagined channel [...]

  • E2open eInvoicing Data Sheet

E2open eInvoicing Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Paper-based invoicing increases risk levels because it goes hand-in-hand with inconsistent payment timeframes and a greater potential for human error. The result is unwanted risks during an audit. Electronic invoicing (eInvoicing) mitigates [...]

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E2open Global Knowledge® Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Complying with global trade regulations can be very challenging. Keeping up with continuous changes in regulations, product classifications and restricted party lists requires an ongoing effort, and the risk of noncompliance penalties [...]

  • The Future Resilient Supply Chain E2open Blog

The Future Resilient Supply Chain


Supply chain disruptions are changing the landscape of global trade, forcing innovation and advanced use of technologies to meet these challenges. On July 16, during E2open’s E2talk Series: The Future Resilient Supply Chain, [...]

  • Duty Drawback Makes a Comeback in 2020_E2open

Duty Drawback Makes a Comeback in 2020


Many companies pay duties and taxes up-front when importing their products into a country—even though this is not legally required and ties up significant amounts of capital. Other importers simply never assess whether [...]

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Growing China Trade in Full Compliance


Staying on top of frequent changes to customs and global trade regulations that are issued exclusively in Chinese can be challenging. E2open’s integrated applications automate your import, export and audit processes for all your [...]

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E2open Trade Agreements Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Making optimal use of all available free trade agreements (FTAs) is a great way to reduce or eliminate duty costs. However, managing this complex task manually is both expensive from an administrative [...]

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E2open In-Transit Visibility Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Tracking in-transit cargo in real time rather than merely receiving periodic milestone updates has become increasingly critical for businesses. Without reliable real-time visibility, companies are blind to costly disruptions and vulnerable to [...]

E2open Predictive ETA Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

The ability to know the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for shipments and take preemptive action makes leading organizations stand out. With E2open’s Predictive ETA application, companies can assess the overall inventory, [...]

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E2open Container Management Data Sheet

Data Sheets|

Managing the flow of containers — empty or full — is crucial for ocean carriers, trucking companies and shippers. Controlling shipping containers is both difficult and costly. With E2open’s Container Management application, [...]

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Your Essential Channel Marketing Blueprint


Building a house requires an accurate blueprint and a solid foundation. Measurements that are just the slightest bit off in the blueprint can negatively impact the structural integrity of the home. The same [...]

  • CMU 2020

SCL Hub 2020

Past Events|

February 6, 2020 — Hilton Waldorf, Covent Garden, London, UK Meet the E2open Supply Chain Experts at the SCL Hub Conference! This one day conference provides the latest supply chain insights, user cases, and [...]

  • E2open Supply Management

Automated Supply Management

Supply Management, Videos|

Do you lack visibility across multiple tiers of supply? Is your direct materials supply chain bogged down with emails, calls, faxes, data exchanges and spreadsheets? Do you struggle with high operating and inventory costs? What [...]

  • Supply Chain Event 2019 Paris

Supply Chain Event 2019 Paris

Past Events|

December 3-4, 2019 Paris, France Supply Chain Event in Paris is a trade fair for supply chain management aimed primarily at consultants, system integrators, service providers, hosters and training companies in the IT industry. At [...]

  • ODASCE Colloque Douananiers

ODASCE Colloque Douananiers

Past Events|

November 27-28, 2019 Paris, France This bi-annual event is the meeting place for customs professionals. This year, the focus is on the issues of traceability: Have you ever been asked for more "compliance", to have [...]



Past Events|

November, 19 2019 Zurich Switzerland Cross-border companies are facing legal and economic challenges that require specific expertise, information and relevant contacts. The well-established and annual customs symposium is the ideal occasion for knowledge transfer, exchange [...]

  • F&L Napoli Meeting 2019

F&L Napoli Meeting 2019

Past Events|

November 14-15, 2019 Napoli, Italy This year's F&L Napoli Meeting's agenda will focus on “challenges of the turbulent global geopolitical climate for the supply chain”‘ and “sustainability” in the broadest sense (more than environmental).   leaders [...]

  • Customs Compliance in Europe 2019 Conference

Customs Compliance in Europe 2019 Conference

Past Events|

November, 12-13 2019 Dusseldorf, Germany Customs Compliance in Europe 2019 conference will focus on discussing pressing aspects of Free Trade Agreements, OLAF investigations, AEO, new VAT regimes, Brexit and various internal process topics relating to customs [...]

Global Trade Compliance: Handling the Complexities


Global trade offers enormous opportunities—but it is also enormously complex. Regulatory compliance must be top priority to avoid penalties, delays and added costs. E2open helps you address global trade compliance complexities by automating all compliance [...]

  • Optimizing Your Logistics Operations

Optimizing Your Logistics Operations


When delivery windows are tight, even minor missteps and miscalculations can have major consequences. E2open’s multimodal logistics applications provide a range of capabilities for removing inefficiencies and optimizing trade lane performance. The benefits are [...]

  • E2open - YOUR BUSINESS - Networked, Harmonized, Optimized, Live.

Our Story: Demand. Supply. Delivered.


As innovation and disruption continuously transform the business environment, you need to turn data into intelligence in an instant. You need insight to adjust nimbly to the market and give customers what they want, [...]

  • Demand Signal Management Data Sheet

Demand Signal Management Data Sheet

Channel Shaping, Data Sheets|

Respond to market forces faster and drive profitable actions in stores and online. E2open’s Demand Signal Management application enables you to capture, harmonize and analyze demand and execution data from all retailers quickly and automatically. Download [...]

  • E2open

Amber Road Acquisition Complete

News, Press Releases|

With Amber Road, E2open expands global trade management offerings on leading cloud-based end-to-end supply chain platform AUSTIN, Texas – July 2, 2019 – E2open, LLC (“E2open”), the one place in the cloud to run your [...]

ISO® 27001 Certification


E2open is one of the first dedicated, cloud-based supply chain software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors to achieve the International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) 27001:2013 Security Registration (ISO 27001). ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for certifying that a [...]

SSAE18 SOC1 and SOC2


Working with an accounting firm, E2open received its SSAE18 SOC1 Type II report on December 4, 2020, reporting on internal controls over financial reporting. E2open’s SOC2 Type II report was received on January 8, 2021, [...]

SAP Certified


SAP Certified – Powered by the SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that the E2open SAP Add-On (version 710) uses standard integration technologies to extract and [...]

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E2open Demand Sensing Data Sheet

Data Sheets, Demand Sensing|

Estimating aggregated demand months in advance is an established practice, but accurately predicting customer orders over a time horizon of several weeks is next to impossible without advanced data science. E2open’s Demand Sensing application [...]

  • E2open

E2open Selected by ON Semiconductor

News, Press Releases|

ON Semiconductor and E2open expand scope of partnership to include enterprise resource planning systems modernization initiative AUSTIN, Texas — March 22, 2019 — E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, [...]

Don’t Get Trapped Within Your Own Four Walls


The rise in outsourced manufacturing and distribution has prompted a new way of thinking about supply chain management. Instead of focusing solely on internal operations, leaders have broadened their scope to encompass the entire value [...]

  • E2open

E2open First-Quarter Technology Update

News, Press Releases|

Global supply chain application provider enhances intelligent application suites for improved visibility, efficiency and productivity AUSTIN, Texas, February 19, 2019 – E2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain, is pleased to [...]

  • Taming the Tail

Taming the Tail


A few weeks ago, I posted a blog outlining key themes from the 2018 Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark Study that will be published later this month. As the “State of the Nation” for forecasting performance, [...]

  • E2open

Prestage Foods Selects Cloud Logistics by E2open

News, Press Releases|

Rapid deployment TMS offers cost-effective visibility and operational efficiency AUSTIN, Texas, February 12, 2019 – Cloud Logistics by E2open (Cloud Logistics), a leading innovator and provider of modern, easy-to-use transportation management systems (TMS), is pleased to announce [...]

  • AAFA Board of Directors Meeting Fall 2021

AAFA Board of Directors Meeting [Live Event]


Wednesday, October 13, 2021 | New York, NY - The AAFA Board of Directors provides AAFA staff with industry perspectives and guidance in pursuing AAFA’s mission of promoting and enhancing our members' competitiveness, productivity and profitability in the global market.[...]

  • Your Supply Chain Unchained

Reinventing Supply Chain Operations


It’s time to unlock agility, intelligence and transparency. Learn firsthand from President and CEO Michael Farlekas how E2open (NYSE: ETWO) is reinventing supply chain management to empower customers with true visibility and insight [...]

  • E2open Demand Planning

E2open Demand Planning Data Sheet

Business Planning, Data Sheets|

Supply chain management begins with demand planning, and getting demand right is essential for maximizing service and revenue while minimizing costs. Using automation and machine learning algorithms, E2open’s Demand Planning application creates the most accurate [...]

World Trade Symposium 2019

Past Events|

November 6–7 , 2019 Grand Hyatt, New York At this year’s World Trade Symposium, hosted by Finastra and programed by The Economist, the agenda focused on technologies [...]