E2open Demand Sensing Solution Brief

E2open Demand Sensing Solution

Demand Sensing is a next-generation forecasting technology that uses automation and machine learning algorithms to analyze real-time supply chain data and create a more accurate picture of near-term demand. It’s how you would imagine demand planning if it were invented today instead of 50 years ago: Feed the system all of your demand signals including orders, shipments, point-of-sale data and even sentiment data from social media; use automated algorithms to determine what is predictive; create daily forecasts for every item at every stocking location; and publish them directly to replenishment systems for execution without human review.

E2open Demand Sensing uses real-time data to improve forecast accuracy, significantly cut inventory and better serve customers. Learn more about how Demand Sensing differs from traditional demand planning systems, key benefits of Demand Sensing and how you can get started today in this Solution Brief.

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