E2open Sales Planning and SalesSight Solution Brief

E2open Sales Planning and SalesSight

While sales reps must keep revenue figures climbing up and to the right, they often spend too much time on non-selling and repetitive tasks instead of activities that drive profitability. 

E2open Sales Planning for all CRMs, and the add-on SalesSight app for Salesforce, improve productivity by simplifying common analytical tasks and allowing sales teams to provide their inputs directly into the demand management process. For customers with complex routes to market, Sales Planning enables sales teams to edit and view opportunities, aggregate them into forecasts based on company defined criteria (e.g. opportunities with greater than 80% probability), and isolate large opportunities from traditional run-rate business.

In this Solution Brief, learn the key capabilities of E2open Sales Planning and SalesSight and how they help companies improve revenue attainment.

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