Multi-Enterprise Inventory Optimization Solution Brief

E2open Inventory Optimization

Inventory is what supply chains run on. If inventory can be reduced while maintaining or improving service levels, revenue can be increased while working capital, expedites, and write-offs can be reduced. Companies that have a large number of SKUs, global supply chains, and unpredictable changes in demand and supply, find this difficult to achieve because many optimization solutions cannot fully represent real-life conditions, nor perform computations fast enough.

E2open’s Multi-Enterprise Inventory Optimization solution has been proven in extremely large supply chains to generate better results by utilizing data at a daily granularity, considering real-life situations such as shelf-life and storage capacity, and enabling root-cause-analysis and what-if scenarios. The outcome is not just a ‘better’ optimal solution, but one that can support more frequent target-setting for better tracking of current conditions.

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