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  • Introducing the E2open Mobile App

Introducing the E2open Mobile App


E2open’s mobile application empowers planners to track orders and inventory transactions and receive alerts anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices gather information real-time and facilitate “in-the-moment” business decisions. Users can leverage work-offline and sync-later features when remote [...]

  • E2open Harmony Demo

E2open Harmony Demo


Harmony® is E2open’s supply chain platform that offers a modern and intuitive user experience. The platform utilizes robust data integration and extends across the E2open supply chain intelligent applications. It enables all users across the extended [...]

  • Manufacturing Quality & Traceability

Manufacturing Quality & Traceability

Collaborative Manufacturing, Videos|

E2open’s Manufacturing Quality & Traceability application provides companies with deep visibility to the production processes and end-to-end quality information across the supply chain, to create comprehensive product genealogies regardless of who manufactures or distributes the products. [...]

  • Seagate and E2open’s Partnership

Seagate and E2open’s Partnership


Joe DiIorio, Director, Supply Chain at Seagate Technology talks about the partnership Seagate and E2open have and how E2open's solutions have automated processes at the company.    

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