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May 19-20, 2021  | Virtual Event

Logisym Asia Pacific 2021 will bring together the best in supply chain and logistics together all from around Asia. The event will showcase exhibitors ranging from transportation, networks, ports, hubs, terminals, supporting products & services, infrastructure, regulators, postal operators and CEP, technology & e-commerce, logistics, G.S.A. & shippers. The conference will gather, and exchange thought leaders, shippers, service providers, and end-users spanning today’s cargo world’s complete ecosystem.

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David Strauss, Global Director Strategy and Partnership Development, E2open

David Strauss – Day 1 Afternoon Session Speaker
Global Director of Strategy and Partnership Development

May 19 | 13:30 PM – 14:00 PM SGT

The disruption of the 2020 global pandemic, reinforced visibility as a dominant topic in supply chain. And, more recently, the downstream economic impact from the Suez Canal delays emphasized the need for looking beyond the surface.

To get ahead, it is critical to leverage the power of AI to accurately predict disruptions down the line so you can avoid reacting to a problem after it has already occurred.

If you only know where the ship or the container is, you cannot judge impact accurately. You must expand your visibility into your logistics and supply chain operations to identify which goods are in the containers, where they need to be delivered and when will they arrive in order to make intelligent business decisions and remedial plans when there is a delay.