SiriusDecisions Research Brief: A Model for Managing Channel Conflict

SiriusDecisions Research Brief: A Model for Managing Channel Conflict

Learn how to recognize the six root causes of channel conflict and motivate your channel to focus more on selling by accessing your complimentary copy of this SiriusDecisions research brief.

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“Reputations in the channel are difficult to establish; on the flip side, they can be destroyed over a single deal, often resulting in dissatisfied partners who look to your competitors to form new alliances,” states SiriusDecisions in this valuable research brief.*

The report details six areas where channel conflict occurs and the reasons why:

  • Partner agreements

  • Coverage plans

  • Compensation

  • Deal registration

  • Online selling

  • Grey market selling

The research brief also evaluates the impact of channel conflict over time and highlights key recommendations on how to keep conflicts from causing the loss of a customer.

* SiriusDecisions research brief A Model for Managing Channel Conflict

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